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Hey everyone its been a while! just wanted to stop by and show You guys a video I put up recently that I thought you all might enjoy.

Fair warning the videos we put up are not censored and contain profanity.

Hope You get a laugh out of it, we certainly did! If you do want to watch more I go by Talidis these days instead of Hardcore as I did here so look for that name and shout out that you are from SWBFGamers.

Having not played as much as i'd like, was sick over the holidays and got it for christmas.
The scanner is nice for smaller game modes i find but you are right its lacking in any large mode.

the DL-44 is a bit much... i feel.

the partner system is entirely messed up as far as i'm concerned....i pick a partner and play a match, the next round someone else is also placed as my partner (because it auto selects one if you are a solo player i think) so i have my real partner....this other guy....and now i can only spawn at one of them until i boot my partner and choose again.
that might be the most annoying part of the game so far....that and the number of homing missiles i get shot with lol.
Played on the PS4 for a while today, pretty fun and did remind me a good bit of the older SWBF....tho you can tell they put a lot of battlefield and maybe a bit of destiny into it.

Ether way my main worry is it won't have that much content...maybe gun/maps from what i can see in the beta menu's anyhow.
Quote from: Sharker on June 10, 2013, 05:44:04 PM
fyi it's being developed by the people who made Medal of Honor Warfighter, NOT the devs that worked on Battlefield '42, 2 or 3.

Not sure why you believe this to be true, they specified that DICE was making the game. not Danger Close Entertainment; and DICE is who made 1942/1943/2/3/4 of the Battlefield Series.

QuoteStar Wars Battlefront, developed by DICE on Frostbite 3, will surprise and delight fans yet again with a new experience inside this beloved universe made with our signature DICE craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

I'm just glad they decided to reboot instead of trying some type of "SWBF3" build...SWBF3 seems cursed.
Well, you have to remember this doesn't look like a build off the old series it looks like a reboot from what they see the series as....i'm sure it'll be alot like BF3/4

SWBF was built off the idea of BF1942 tho so...who knows what'll turn up :)
Just watching the EA show and turns out Dice (Battlefield 1/2/3 devs) are making a SWBF series themselves!

will keep watching for more info.
General / Star Wars BF2 played by Freddiw
May 27, 2013, 04:05:27 AM
I found it pretty entertaining :)

just seeing the reactions i've not thought in a long time.
General / Sale on lots of star wars games/media
May 04, 2013, 01:23:43 PM

Some nicely downed prices on some of the best star wars games out there.

Cheers- Hardcore.
General / Re: Coca Cola vs other Sodas!
February 05, 2013, 03:44:02 PM
Heh, find if funny you say coke vs other soda's when all of those are owned by ether pepsi or coke...still i do prefer Dr. Pepper overall
Public Square / Re: (Ranks) What are these for ?
January 08, 2013, 11:47:48 PM
Relics of the past, in previous times on the site we had a "Elite Members" who were just people who contributed alot to the community and were active alot, often people who won "Member of the Month" that has basically been converted to Modder of the Month these days.

The "In Service" was for members who joined the military.
:wave: I remember it.
General / Re: 1.500 MEMBERS!!
January 05, 2013, 08:20:27 PM
Go to any forum, and you'll find only a fraction have more then 0/5 post :)

None the less it doesn't take away from the milestone that SWBFgamers hit.
Requests / Space Map thoughts
January 04, 2013, 02:16:19 AM
I had this thought a long time ago and never took any steps towards making or thinking if it was even possible but i was reading something today that brought it back into my mind so i figured i'd throw it out here incase anyone else wanted to or had already dug into the deeps pits of my thoughts for it.

So first off, i hate and love the flying aspect of SWBF i love it in that its fun to have ship battles, i hate it in that it lacks any depth or range of equality.

the biggest problems with space battle maps that i've always had is depth....they are great and fun for about 10 minutes and after you both kill eachother 10 times you get bored and change maps.

Now i know SWBF is not friendly to space battles tho seeing that SWBF1 is currently (generally speaking) limited to 5 different characters per team. ships seems like a huge way to add depth and slight advantages and disadvantages from ship to ship, even if you can't make 20 different models just reskinning them pretty dramatically and changing colors would be viable.

The second part of my idea was unit attributes its basically what it sounds like.....currently pilots repair ships when they are flying them and thats the only change from character to could add a good bit of depth if you had each of the 5 units gain some bonus when flying can be a mechanic that repairs ships while he is flying.....another can be as simple as a skilled pilot and he gains some maneuverability and so on. really the current bonus doesn't even make much sense....most pilots know how to fly not repair ships.

The final thought on what makes space battles lacking is things in space is space. Look at almost all of the "two ship" space fights in SWBF1/2 honestly they are boring with so much open space.....and i know it sounds weird but some of the best parts of bespin is having those places to fly around and hide from incoming rocket locks.

This turned into a much longer post then i had expected but i just had too much to say on the matter i guess......started with just the unit attributes, anyhow there you have it for those thinking of making space battle maps.
To host on game ranger you have to portfoward the other players you try to join would also have to if they wish to host.

This does a decent explanation of the exact nature of what gameranger needs:

and this can help you along on portfowarding
In realistic terms this game just isn't the type that would work....the suggestion unit gives could only possibly have 10 people max.....and thats if 5 want one faction and 5 want another.

In most MMO games that have RP channels/worlds they just restrict the chat to Role playing and boot/ban anyone who tries to break the illusion...also names and such would be in roleplaying style.

I'd say the best way to do it for a game like this is to have a roleplaying game on the forum, that has live action battles in different locations different nights with a game master controlling when and where the battles take place but players adding flavor. In all honesty I really think that this would have been fun back when we did RP games more often i just wish someone had thought of it.