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Started by Hardcore, January 25, 2009, 01:44:40 AM

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Port Forwarding

If you use a router, this includes AirPort Base Stations, then you must forward your port in order to host Direct Connection games.

Port forwarding means you leave a specific port open in your router so that others can join your game. For Star Wars Battlefront, you must forward UDP 3658.

The general idea of port forwarding consists of two parts:
1.) Assign a static router IP for your computer and it generally looks something like 192.168.1.XXX or 10.0.1.XXX if you use AirPort.
2.) Tell your router which port you wish to forward, in this case UDP 3658, and tell it which router IP to forward it, in this case, whichever number you assigned your computer from above.

It is almost impossible to teach someone how to port forward over the forum, PM or GameRanger mostly because everyone have a different router and each router has a different user interface. This is why websites like http://portforward.com was created. They have a LARGE list of step by step tutorials for various brands and models of routers, along with various other related information. Please visit that website first and attempt to port forward yourself before asking anyone else here for help. If you'd already visited that website and got some ideas, at least you won't be completely clueless when someone else tries to help you.

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