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Quote from: Bluetothestars on February 15, 2021, 05:17:31 AMThis is all I wanted to hear! Someone did know! Please understand that all it takes is to say something like this, this forum is basically dead, and people don't ask for much.
Most of the times we don't know stuff because we don't own the source code of the game, so at least to me, I find it useless to "spend" time replying just to say we can't know. If you dedicated more time to research, this would be something you'd have figured out on your own.

Also I recommend you being more polite to the forum/community. Thread's locked as of now.
Good evening guys!

Today GoG/Steam released a patch (well, actually two of them) which we could call a fail, since many controls are broken, resolution has certainly not been fixed, and therefore made their MP alternative unstable -- once again.
This means we had to update our files to revert from Steam to SWBFSpy. Download is temporarily hosted in our test-environment: (SWBF2 Category - STEAM PATCH).

I did not have time to make sure whether I was missing any files or not, so until I do not get a positive from some community players, I will not post it in the official Info website.
If some SWBF2 Player wants to test it, feel free to do so and share your feedback with me here or through DM.

Thanks for your time!
General / Re: Community Discord Update
February 07, 2021, 12:15:58 PM
Quote from: CT-2187 on February 07, 2021, 05:56:43 AMMe and a number of other members from the 'official' BF2 discord servee, whicg for some reason is no longer dedicated to classic BF2, have recently joined your discord, and more are likely to join in the future. I believe most people from that discord played BF2 on steam or GOG, not on your SWBFspy servers. This is just to let you know what happened, might result in a few more new members.

Yeah, with this we hit 900+ players (12 new members). Feel welcome to our discord server.

All info regarding our steam servers is posted in the swbf2-steam channel or in announcements  :cheers:
GGs everyone! Glad I could spend some time playing with you all  :tu:
Thanks for reporting Snake! I fixed the link -- working now  :cheers:
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on February 01, 2021, 10:06:06 AMSweet, thanks for investigating this. 
You're welcome  :cheers:
After getting the NFO CEO involved, he managed to solve the issue we reported.

Broken Linux kernel led to some downtime
Feb 01 2021 09:33:18 AM PT
Investigating why your VDS was not starting up properly this morning, we found that the most recent kernel version, which we had upgraded to yesterday, has a bug that prevents Xen from starting up virtual machines. We have rolled the machine back to a slightly older kernel release (from a couple of weeks ago) and your service is running properly now.

Please accept our apologies for the downtime this led to this morning.

I'm currently working on starting all servers  :cheers:
Good morning guys!

Our US (Chicago) machine has been moved for some maintenance & upgrades, according our host, NFO.
However, the machine can't seem to start after they performed such action and we've reached them to fix it ASAP.

I'll keep you posted on how situation develops, but hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Edit: NFO Response -- Mon, Feb 1 2021 6:16am - answered by Charlie
Thanks for contacting us about this! I will need to escalate this to our CEO, John, for further investigation.

Please allow some time for his response here.
General / Community Discord Update
January 26, 2021, 12:06:02 PM
Good evening guys!  :cheers:

After a long time of wanting to do this, we've finally done a significant update to our Discord server. The changes we've issued are the following:
 - New members must react to the #rules-and-info roles message to get the @Verified role and grant access to view the rest of the server.
 - After doing so, members can now get assigned @SWBF1-Player @SWBF2-Player @PS2-Gamer @Modding Area roles, by reacting to the buttons below -- also in the #rules-and-info page.
 - Channels have been updated and re-organized. To view SWBF1 channels (text or voice), you need the @SWBF1-Player role assigned, and the same applies to @SWBF2-Player.
 - Permissions have been updated for all roles.

All of this should allow the server to run more dynamically, although SCT members will check the newcomers to make sure nothing's wrong with their name or profile picture.
We hope you all like these changes -- else, use #discord-suggestions for new ideas!

Remember the link to our server is still

Ping players with the role assigned to let them know you're playing  :tu:

See you at the battlefront!
General / Re: Downloads
January 21, 2021, 09:24:29 AM
Quote from: Led on January 20, 2021, 04:47:49 PMIf you can't access any downloads at all, log out and log back in again, and then try.
Don't worry Led, he joined the discord server and posted there as well about the issue  :cheers:
General / Re: Downloads
January 20, 2021, 09:20:00 AM

If you don't tell us what you're trying to download, we can't help.
If you check the forum and ask what you just posted (use search tab and type "can't download" -- image attached), you'll run into this topic:

Quote from: TheCapl on January 14, 2021, 07:25:29 AMthank you this is the most information anyone has given to me for this thank you so much!
You're welcome! Keep us posted on your progress  :cheers:
Forum News and Forum Rules / Re: list of missing files
January 13, 2021, 03:19:45 PM
Quote from: Led on January 13, 2021, 02:51:41 AMThanks--can you tell me the page before that? 

It's this one -- I tried to fix the link but it doesn't find the file for some reason.. I'll double check in few mins.;sa=view;down=341
Quote from: TheCapl on January 12, 2021, 08:59:31 AMok so ive been looking aroumd for so long and i am hoping someone can help me retexture exsiting units mabye just give me a guide i dont want to make a map i just want to retexture people any help is appreciated

There's no guide for that, but it's not complicated. First you'd need to get familiar with the modding tools.

Go to G:\General Modding\Builders\BF2_ModTools\data\_BUILD create a map/workspace.

Then copy the sides you want to re-skin: G:\General Modding\Builders\BF2_ModTools\assets\sides, there you can choose them, copy them into your workspace and do whatever you want to the skins, making sure RLE compression is disabled.

Go to the BUILD folder from your map/workspace, and run the VisualMunge file, and pick the Sides you've modified to munge, click on it, and files should be munged.

**Note that the locations posted above are from my local hdds**

Quote from: ThePlushieZone on January 12, 2021, 11:11:23 AMmabye so

Please, avoid posting unless you have something productive to say.