Can movement method for recon droids be changed to flyer like clone gunships?

Started by John 3:14–16, November 19, 2022, 10:17:48 AM

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Hi, everyone.

For recon droids, can the movement method be changed from the default movement method to that of flyer like clone gunships?



I know I've made a deployable B1 Battledroid in the past, and I wanna say I think it was still using the "soldier" class. So hypothetically I would think it should be possible to make a deployable "flyer" class as well. The "droid" class currently used is very similar to the "hover" vehicle class, so you could start by switching "droid" to "hover" and see if that causes any issues. And if it still works, you should be able to switch the class to "flyer", then just copy over the various movement characteristics from the gunship. But try switching the classes first to make sure it doesn't crash.

Thanks, Ty294.  I hope to give it a try over Thanksgiving weekend. 

The only issue I see is regarding memory pools. You'd need to account for deployable vehicles in your memory pools (EntityFlyer, EntityHover etc)
Oh Hold:
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--Star Wars: Battlefront - Legacy Edition V2 (2023)
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Inside the rep_weap_inf_remotedroid_ord.odf file, the variable SetAltitude has a value of 1.75.  I might try changing the value of that to 10 before I try making changes that involve including variables and values found in the rep_fly_gunship.odf file.  Also, I will first need to read through modding instructions in order to know how to incorporate a modded character class on a map. 

I created a new world and copied the relevant files for the Mos Eisley map, following the instructions at  Inside the rep_weap_inf_remotedroid_ord.odf file, I changed the value of SetAltitude to 10.  After I cleaned and munged, there werenʼt any droids on the map, and the clones spawned at the bases where the droids spawn at the beginning of a game.  Also, the altitude of the recon droids that I deployed from clone sharpshooters seemed to be the same as before I made the change to SetAltitude.  I then tried changing the value of SetAltitude to 20.  After cleaning and munging, there again appeared to be no difference in altitude.