SWBF Custom Map Review (W/links)

Started by Ryanoceros, January 25, 2009, 12:30:34 PM

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Yeah, I think the one you are looking for is the "tas08" map.
It's a mission map, so you still need cor1 installed. But it does fix all the collision errors.

Added Map:


Xfire Keenmike aka cull

I plan on playing this map, call me if you want to play together. I am getting the latest versions of that map.


I have no idea why the pictures are not working. I just checked my account, which seems to be working, but the pictures don't load.
Hmm, well, I'll try to figure it out. Maybe I reached the bandwidth limit.
Anyway, sorry the pictures don't work right now.

Xfire Keenmike aka cull

When you see this good. I am on xfire ngihtly while at work. My xfire is keenmike
I will be ready to play mod maps anytime.


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Sorry for the bump, I saw Schizo's "Alderaan: Counterattack" was hosted in the old GameToast downlaod section, which died. Here's a new link:

Same for Psych0fred's Chainisle (it's hosted on SecretSociety.com but I uploaded it to FF for better DLing abilities):

Unit 33

Bumps are welcome to allow for updates to the thread I think?


Bump Away!

This thread really needs to be updated a lot to replace the MPCgamers.com links with SWBFgamers.com links...any volunteers?


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Unit 33

Me! I'll take a crack at it tonight, if anyone wants to help, go for it!


ok, Unit33 you are now a moderator!

the old style link looks like this:

and needs to be changed to look like this:

I made a backup copy of Ryans post, so in case something goes wrong we can fix it.

Maybe a search and replace would work.

The other issues are that many links are dead, and the screenshots on Ryans Mac account
don't work anymore either :(

Let me know if you have trouble being able to modify his posts.


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Don't believe everything you read on the internet

Unit 33

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Ok, I'll start now-ish. I might get round to uploading some new screenshots next week through drop box or something.

EDIT - switched out all known links... there are many that aren't on the downloads section, and the list itself is outdated a little.


Hi folks,  :wave:

I just uploaded the pictures to gamefront, so jedikiller can upload them to his server. So the pictures will be back soon.
Sorry they went down in the first place. My MobileMe account changed the rules on us.
... And thanks Unit33 for fixing the links and all.



I went ahead and fixed all the picture links that were dead. With some exceptions, they should all be fixed now.

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Added maps: