Geonosis Spire: Xbox Beta

Started by Dark_Phantom, August 27, 2020, 06:23:24 PM

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Geonosis Spire: Xbox Beta;sa=view;down=1568

As seen here (original map from the March 12, 2004 Xbox build):

Pandemic, original creators
Aden from Obscure Gamers, for the beta xbox build
DylanRocket, for bringing attention to the build
Sleepkiller, for his Xbox to PC conversion tool, which combined with my custom tools do most of the work for me.
Dark_Phantom, for compiling this and getting it in a workable state.

ISSUES: There really aren't any other than this map just doesn't seem balanced at all.  Now, if I did a "Sides Rework" then that could be fixed.  I believe the LAAT gunship is totally useless here on PC, but it does a ton more damage on the Xbox release version, as does the Geonosian Fighter.  The ATTE also has less health on the Xbox release version.  These three "fixes" might make this map better.
It's good fun for the dude in the ATTE though.
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