Sullust: Garrison (Renegade Squadron map for SWBF1)

Started by Giftheck, August 07, 2020, 04:07:27 AM

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Here's the Sullust map from Renegade Squadron, originally ported by Teancum but brought to SWBF1 by me. GCW has custom unit models, a new Rebel Smuggler unit to replace the Wookie for balance purposes (the Rebels were getting beaten to the curb with the Wookie Smuggler but could actually fight with the new Rebel Smuggler), and new heroes in the form of Greedo and Nien Nunb.




Quote-Teancum - original map rip and conversion
-Calboi - Imperial Base asset pack
-Lucasfilm and Netmarble Games - objects from Force Arena (map objects, Nien Nunb model)
-Ravensoft - Greedo model (conversion by Sereja)
-Sereja - weapon models
-DICE - inspiration/reference for the Magmatrooper, Shocktrooper and base corridor
Works in Progress:
--Star Wars: Battlefront 1.25: "First Order-Resistance War Expansion"
--Main Play Mod Reboot
--Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron For SWBF1