Is it possible for BF1 Split Screen on Pc?

Started by Roguejedi66, June 02, 2024, 11:54:52 AM

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Hello All! Got a Question, For Bf1 I know in the past when it was sold on disc. There was no split screen of any kind. However, After The GOG/steam release and Classic collection Bf1. It got me thinking that there might be a way to get that working. The question I ask is... Is the split screen code Lua based? Or is it Hardcoded into the .exe of the game.

Because I know someone else here actual came close to cracking it on the disc version. He got the screen to show up. But couldn't get the 2nd controller working.

My situation is That I got the split screen tab to work. As soon as I get in. It crashes.

I feel like I'm very close to cracking it. Any help would be appreciated!

its mostly hard coded
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Look for sleepkillers mod.  It works for some, cant say it will work for all.
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