Quick Notes: end_weap_tripwire works

Started by Dark_Phantom, January 03, 2024, 01:46:32 PM

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Basically here we can see that end_weap_tripwire does work in the retail game.  The only thing that is needed is to make sure you have the tripwire asset from the END world folder, and also the animation files (zafbin/zaabin).

You will need to edit the end_weap_tripwire.msh file in XSI or Blender to remove the collision that has been set up - it seems that breaks it in the retail version (only... strangely enough).  The munger will generate the correct collision.

That's it!  I wish the trap class got more usage in mods but 20 years later, it's probably too little, too late.

A side note: Units and vehicles both DO trigger traps.  The difference seems to be the RayTriggerMinSpeed modifier.  The only other traps in the game are the tree smashers on Endor and the also unused log trap.
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