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Started by {AR}STARKILLER21, April 29, 2021, 04:04:57 AM

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Good morning guys,

First sry for my bad english, I try my best what i write. I from germany.
I tell a little bit about myself, before I write with another things.
My name is marcel, 20 yo, playing pc since 2004 (beginning with 3 years old) and my first games on windows 2000 / XP was like Spongebob games, Retro games, start to playing with gta games and swbf.
Mostly I playd everyday swbf1 with my favorite maps "Bespin, Hoth and Tatooine.
Then in a year came swbf2 out, my dad was buyd it for me and play it too mostly my favorite maps and jedi assault.
So I playd another Star Wars games like Shadows of the empire on n64, super star wars on snes, swtor, kotor, republic commando, the clone wars, world at war, sw monopoly and much much more games and the swbf ea games.
But I stay on my old Star Wars games, because It`s my childhood.
For 3 years ago I joined the AR-Clan and meeting much people there where I have since yet so much fun to play every saturday at 19pm with my clan friends. We like a family and downloaded so so many add0ns over than 70GB (700 Addons) of swbf2 and a little bit of swbf.
I start to play with the multiplayer on the year 2009 because my dad forbiddet me to play mp games of this time.
And he thought we have to pay it to loggin on SWBFSpy, but i was trying to loggin and u see, its free hehe.
So I playd everyday swbf2 mp had 200 friends there mostly I playd mos eislay Assault and I remember of the old players like Hellsing master alucard, deus, caspar, spongebob, deafkiller, rüüüdiger, jan01, the imperial, elite, thos members. All of the people who played swbf, are my friends, my family because we love to play SWBF and it was our childhood. I wake up, playd like 30min swbf2 mp before I going to the school and came from the school back, my mom brings me food and playd swbf2 mp again.
But since GameSpy is shutdown, many peoples have to download a new version to play again swbf but now its die.
Now we play it on steam like swbf1 and if we play on the cd-version like me, nobody playing it, because its down. But every saturday at 19pm I play with AR Clan like 2h swbf1 and thats rly cool and brings old time back.
It will be nice, if playing much more this game.
So I play another games like gta sa multiplayer, vc mp and gta 3 mp because it was my childhood and the new games like swbf1 & 2 EA i playd a lot and the graphic is nice, but the map is small and its like battlefield.
So I stay to my words, I play my childhood games until it's nobody playing it anymore, but lets hope it doesnt happend. Lets reborn it the old good times. Currently I play swbf2 mp on steam conquests and if someone join it, we can playing a lot. But there is one problem on the steam version. It doesn`t shows your profile name like my name where i create it on the game, It`s shows your steam name and thats is not so good. My name is there jackie chun btw. So let`s finish it of my topic, because it will take to long.
I hope u unterstand what i write, what i feeling and thanks for read.
Have a great day :)
Discord:     _Shisui.#0001

Happy to have you here! Welcome  :cheers:
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Good to see you here. Hopefully with the sales at the moment we'll get a few more players, the 1000 ticket server seems to have active players every day on steam. I also play every Saturday at 6gmt on swbfspy which is good fun (anyone is welcome to join).
I play less now but I'll always be around, lets keep this site and battlefront going. :)

Quote from: Disciple on April 29, 2021, 11:03:45 PMHey!  :moo:

Good to see you, disciple!  :)
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Servus und herzlich willkommen! Bin Ami der seit jahren hier in Deutschland wohnt! Dein englisch ist gar nicht schlecht, keine gedanken machen.

Welcome to the forums, you can always message me (auf deutsch) if you ever have any questions.