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Topics - John 3:14–16

What do you give a wookie for Christmas if he already has a comb?  Thatʼs from a song that I heard a long time ago.  Although I have yet to be able to successfully mod my own map, I appreciate people sharing their mods and their insights regarding modding.  This is a screen shot featuring a wookie, a recon droid, and some trees that look like Christmas trees on the Naboo CIty map.  Merry Christmas, everybody. 
Hi, everyone.

For recon droids, can the movement method be changed from the default movement method to that of flyer like clone gunships?


A friend of mine bought a new computer to replace the broken computer on which he had played Star Wars Battlefront 1 with either a CD or DVD version of the game. His new computer lacks an internal DVD drive.  I have a computer with an internal DVD drive with which I have played SWBF1 with him in the past, using the local-area-network (LAN) mode in conjunction with a virtual private network (VPN).  If he buys SWBF1 at the Steam website, will he be able to use that version to play with me via the LAN mode in conjunction with a VPN?
Hi, everyone.

I tried to add a Y-wing to the Tatooine Dune Sea map.  In trying to do that, I followed the instructions at  When I loaded the map while playing Star Wars Battlefront, the only vehicle that I saw was the skiff.  Also, the Rebelsʼ bases were located where the Imperialsʼ would normally be, and the Imperialsʼ bases were located where the Rebelsʼ bases would normally be. 

When placing the Y-wing, I tried to place it near the landspeeders and X-wings.  For the name of the command post, I specified "CP1."  When I was adding the Y-wing, I could not find the command posts in Zeroeditor; consequently, I tried CP1 to see if that would work.  After I tried playing the map, I looked at the map in Zeroeditor, and the only vehicle object that I could see then was the one for the Y-wing. 

What file or files would one recommend that I look inside to try to locate the cause of the above?  Also, I can post some of the contents of configuration files, if that would help.