A Word About the Request Forum

Started by aeria., April 16, 2010, 09:57:51 AM

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Ok another annoucement. This is pretty much an extended description.

This is more or less a suggestion forum. Concepts and designs can be discussed and eventually be made (such as having cloud city hallways to connect to each other), but don't expect someone to always step up and make the map, especially if it requires a large amount of new assets to be created.

Furthermore, mods take a large amount of time to be created, tested, and refined to the best of the modder's ability. If a fellow modder is interested in your request, please give them your respect and allow them to work on their own schedule.

The request forum can also be used to request certain assets or certain maps/mods to be found. Remember to ALWAYS use the search function first.

I'll keep this topic unlocked for discussion.