How to extract Imperial Officer from .lvl file

Started by awjones3000, April 07, 2024, 09:48:44 AM

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I have been looking through the forums searching for the original Imperial Officer msh file, but have not had any luck in finding it.  I do have a downloaded map with the Imperial Officer as a playable unit, and he exists in his own .lvl file in the mod's SIDES folder.  Is it possible to extract the contents from the .lvl file to get access to the officer msh file?

Is it in one of the shipped maps?  If so, it will reside in the mod tools, available in our download section.
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Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by shipped maps.  However, the mod that has the Imperial Officer unit is Majin Revan's Naboo: Encounter.  Is there a tool that extracts .lvl files in Downloads?

Actually, I just found a collection of assets from Sereja that had what I was looking for!  Thanks for the pointer for checking the Downloads tab.