Game freezes when you Restart Mission?

Started by Ty294, January 07, 2020, 05:19:51 PM

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Hey guys, wondering if anyone has seen this problem before or knows what could cause it. I have a map I'm working on that seems to be working fine for the most part, except for one thing. When I hit "restart mission" in the menu, the game completely freezes, and if I'm running the regular game instead of SPTest, it freezes so hard I have to log out on my computer.

I've tested some of my other maps and this error does not occur in them. It appears to be this one map. Problem is, SP test doesn't seem to be able to log the error that causes the freeze, so I have no idea what it is.

Only Level 3 error I'm finding in the log is this:

Message Severity: 3
pcTerrainShader: detail texture expects L8 format!

Anyone got any ideas what could cause this?

got an textures that have RLE compression turned on?
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That doesn't appear to be the cause of the crashing problem. I tried removing all the textures from the map, and it still did it.

I have to imagine it is either due to an ODF issue, or maybe... a LUA issue?

I have a bunch of mesh items that are scaled massively, dunno if that could have an effect or not.

I have multiple boundaries in the map, not sure if that could also cause an issue.

Here are the relevant parts of my LUA:




--      Alliance Stats
    SetTeamName(ALL, "Alliance")
    SetTeamIcon(ALL, "all_icon")
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_soldierurban",10)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_vanguard",1)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_pilot",2)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_marksman",2)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_smuggler",1)
    SetHeroClass(ALL, "all_inf_lukeskywalker")

--      Imperial Stats
    SetTeamName(IMP, "Empire")
    SetTeamIcon(IMP, "imp_icon")
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_storm_trooper",10)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_shock_trooper",1)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_pilottie",2)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_scout_trooper",2)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_dark_trooper",1)
    SetHeroClass(IMP, "imp_inf_darthvader")
--  Attacker Stats
    SetUnitCount(ATT, 16)
    SetReinforcementCount(ATT, 200)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 31, 0.0)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 21, 0.75)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 11, 0.75)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 10, 1.5)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 1, 3.0)

--  Defender Stats
    SetUnitCount(DEF, 16)
    SetReinforcementCount(DEF, 200)
--    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 31, 0.0)
--    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 21, 0.75)
    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 11, 0.75)
    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 10, 1.5)
    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 1, 3.0)

--  Local Stats
    --SetTeamName(3, "locals")
    --AddUnitClass(3, "imp_inf_pilottie",4)
    --SetUnitCount(3, 4)
    --SetTeamAsEnemy(3, ATT)
    --SetTeamAsEnemy(3, DEF)

    SetTeamName(3, "CIS")
    SetTeamIcon(3, "CIS_icon")
    AddUnitClass(3, "cis_inf_battledroid_inf",4)
    SetUnitCount(3, 4)
    SetTeamAsEnemy(3, ATT)
    SetTeamAsEnemy(3, DEF)

--  Level Stats
    AddWalkerType(0, 0)
   -- AddWalkerType(1, 4)
    AddWalkerType(2, 0)
    --SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityHover", 12)
    SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityFlyer", 15)
--  SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityBuildingArmedDynamic", 16)
--  SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityTauntaun", 0)
--  SetMemoryPoolSize("MountedTurret", 22)
    SetMemoryPoolSize("PowerupItem", 60)
--    SetMemoryPoolSize("SoundSpaceRegion", 85)
    SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityMine", 40)
    --SetMemoryPoolSize("Aimer", 200)
--    SetMemoryPoolSize("Obstacle", 725)
    --SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityLight", 150)

    SetSpawnDelay(10.0, 0.25)
  --  SetMaxFlyHeight(90)
  --  SetMaxPlayerFlyHeight(90)
-- SetMinFlyHeight(30)
  --  SetMaxFlyHeight(350)
--    SetMaxPlayerFlyHeight(350)

--  Sound Stats
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\bes.lvl",  "bes1gcw_music");
   -- OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\mod.lvl",  "SepanV");
   -- OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\mod.lvl",  "SepanV");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\gcw.lvl",  "gcw_vo");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\gcw.lvl",  "gcw_tac_vo");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\kam.lvl",  "kam1cw");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\kam.lvl",  "kam1cw");
   --  OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\mod.lvl",  "SepanV_emt");
   --OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\tat.lvl",  "tat3_emt");
    OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\SFX.lvl",  "SFX");
    OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\SFX.lvl",  "SFX");

multiple boundaries shouldnt i have that in one of my maps and its fine. i would wager it could be the scaling.
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I am not sure what it was. I changed a few things and now it doesn't do it anymore. Currently, I have to assume it is do to one of three things:

1. It was due to objects extending below the "bottom" of the map.

2. It was due to clouds.

3. It was due to something in my sky file that I have since removed.

I'm not sure which. I attempted to push an object below the map limit (I say limit, but really there isn't a limit, it's just the height indicator stops at like -327.6 or something like that) and it didn't seem to cause the freeze. I'm going to try adding clouds again (note, these are cloud ODFs placed directly into the map) and see if it starts occurring again.

I can confirm now, it is the bes1_prop_cloud_cluster.odf. Guess I know not to use that now.

Did you see this in
// Odf("bes1_prop_cloud_cluster");

I'm assuming that some dev had the same issue you did with the cloud_cluster.
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Quote from: Dark_Phantom on January 14, 2020, 06:19:33 AM
Did you see this in
// Odf("bes1_prop_cloud_cluster");

I'm assuming that some dev had the same issue you did with the cloud_cluster.

Yeah, I always figured it was just that they decided to cut it for some other reason, and I know I've tried to get it to work in the past. Now I know why they gave up on it haha.

Cloud Layer always works for me. For it just needs .odf, cloud.tga, and ofcourse EDITOR_prop_cloud.msh.
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