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Hi HC,

I will sign up for Fiday May15th.  Details to follow.

Hi HC,

I can host some on Friday nights.  That is my clans game night when we have one (about twice per month).  Im sure I can get them to do a DC if you want some more company.

Hi Love,

>I do envy the amount of online players that you get to face in a single match in PC play >though.

Well, that's SWBF2.  I think it still gets some players.  

I play SWBF, and the PC side is down to about 50 players a night these days (in North America), with maybe as many as 100-150 on the weekends, which includes the euro players.

If you can get some players, my PC clan would be thrilled to have a fun scrim.


First, Dresh, I dont think anyone was able to get that mod from that link.  By looking at the posts, there were a lot of complaints that it could not be downloaded.  However, there is another mod that includes that one and other skin changes.  I was able to get that one.

Also, I copied the file descriptions for all of the files on the SWBF section of filefront, and put them in a word document.  This may really help in rebuilding the database.  There is a snippet below.   It has the file name and map name with description so that we can tell the download file name and correlate it to the common name/description.

If anyone wants the document, just let me know.  

•      Maps Levels Missions
o      Custom Maps
?   A To B Titles
?   C To D Titles

page: 1 of 1 | total files: 7 C to D Titles
    Date Added
    No. of Downloads
File Size

Concord Dawn (v1) Map concord_dawn_v1.rar It's the motherplanet of Jango Fett. His family got killed on this planet by the Death Watch and then he got rescued by Mandalorians.        09/12/2005       2,138   9.45 MB   Download Now

Geonosis : Clone Wars This is my first map!!        12/05/2005       1,833   10.06 MB   Download Now

Duel Arena duel_arena_v1.rar This map is designed and created for duels only. The Command Posts can not be captured and the AI have not been changed from their default settings.        10/07/2005       1,043   3.09 MB   Download Now

Kashyyyk: Kachircho This is a beta version from the kashyyyk:kachircho map. It's not final, there are some parts not finished yet.        10/07/2005       955   23.57 MB   Download Now

Duulan: Canyon Village (1.0) This is the sequel to Ty294's Duulan: Mine Pit.        03/13/2009       446   10.48 MB   Download Now

Coruscant Streets v2.1 Updated version of Coruscant Streets 2. This version contains more buildings, smarter AI, and more command posts (11 cps).        07/30/2008       98   11.86 MB   Download Now
I have downloaded all the maps in both pages of Ryans post.



Here is a direct link the to the SWBF files on filefront: ... ation.html

I have copied the files in


I did not get the patches (they are at
and I did not get the utilities (yet).

I will start from the bottom and work my way up the first post of Ryans
list tonight, and then go back for the utilities.

If anyone knows if it is possible to do an FTP of the entire directory structure,
please let me know.
I am grabbing M-Y tonight (second post of Ryans).


SWBF 1 and 2 Tournaments / Re: PLA vs ?
March 25, 2009, 12:06:05 PM
Thanks--will do :)

SWBF 1 and 2 Tournaments / PLA vs ?
March 18, 2009, 05:13:10 PM

Buckler here, also known as Led on the PC servers--
my clan is looking to set up a fun scrim with someone.

I think we can field 5 or 6 players, and we can play standards only.
I'd request that we play at 30 ticks (FPS) and I can host DC or someone
else can.

Our webpage is:

Feel free to stop in, or post here if anyone is interested.

All the best,
SWBF1 Modding / xsi
March 06, 2009, 01:03:22 AM
So, my understanding is that XSI is required to make new character models or import/edit existing ones.

I also know that it is really expensive for the full commercial version (about $3000).
However, there is an "academic version"
for about $300, with the requirement that it not be used for commercial purposes.

While $300 is still nothing to ignore, it is within the realm of possibility for this particular SWBF enthusiast.

My questions are:
-is this the correct XSI?
-what could be done with it?
-is it worth getting at this point in the history of SWBF (I asume that it could also be useful for other games)?

Best Regards,

The post is to see if anyone else has seen (or heard) strange things in SWBF, that shouldn't be part of the game.
I'm not talking glitches, wallhacks, or mods, but really weird stuff.  

I'll share mine:

-a few months ago, i was playing cloud city, and I saw some shadows on the ground, that seemed to move
I looked closely at them, and the were shaped like arrows.  It was as if I saw the shadow of the mini-map arrows, but
on the main map!  Never saw it again after that round.

-while playing hoth (Jedikiller's no-vehicle version)  I started sniping.  Instead the the sniper rifle sounding like usual,
all sniper rifles made the sound like:  riiinnng riiinnng  boonk!  Crazy stuff.  I also seemed to be hitting shots like never before--
sniping recon driods, making headshots, and stuff.  Again, it went away at the end of the map, never to be seen again.

OK--anybody else?  :)

Buckler, aka Led on the PC servers.