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Quote from: DadNeverCameBack on March 13, 2024, 05:13:26 PM"with some match-making function instead of the classic MP server choice we have had since the game was released 20 years ago"

This aged like milk. I'm curious what source gave you this explicitly false information?

What part of that causes you concern?
Quote from: Ty294 on March 12, 2024, 03:55:06 PMThanks!

I actually got it uploaded to Gamefront today (click here!). Fastest I think I've ever had a download approved by them. It has also been sent for approval here, but that download just links to the Gamefront one, since the file is too big to be directly hosted here.


Also, I completely forgot to add this bit of trivia to my description, but the original inspiration for the Europa maps was an old strategy tank game called Battlezone 1998. A fun fact I learned later about BZ98, is that apparently the dev team that built it for Activision, would later became Pandemic Studios!

I will upload it here.  (It has to be uploaded by direct file transfer and then setup in our system, due to its size.)   :cheers:

Yeah, please credit source and should be OK.
Requests / Re: Dead links all over the site?
March 09, 2024, 12:12:01 PM
Quote from: eliad5241 on March 09, 2024, 10:22:00 AMGreetings everyone!

I hope this is the right subgroup for such a request.
It has come to my attention that many download links for SWBF1 mods (maybe also SWBF2) no longer work. Can anything be done about this issue? I lost my mod backup several years back and no longer have access to mods like BF 1.5, the Jet Wars custom campaign among many others.

Note: I have saved some mods that aren't available on sites like ModDB and I am considering uploading content there for preservation sake.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thanks.  I will ask that you use a dropbox for your files you want to upload then I can manually add them to the archive.  The automatic upload system is extremely limited.

If you are familiar with FTP I may also be able to set that up for you.   :cheers:

Lastly, note that the files are served with HTTP and not HTTPS and some browsers (chrome) will block HTTP
Oh man, unit 33 is back in the game   :cheers:

Maybe I have to do something...I seem to recall needing to make a tutorial for something  :whistle:
Quote from: SG-17 on March 08, 2024, 11:18:27 AMI can't seem to find the SWBFSPY server patch for the PS2 version of SWBF1.

I think that for the dedicated server software we are using the hosts file modification, not the exe mod.
General / Re: Can't download maps
March 05, 2024, 05:27:52 AM
Quote from: Bluetothestars on March 05, 2024, 04:17:42 AM;sa=view;down=1585

That was (attempted to be) uploaded as an attachment. Attachments have a limit of 64 MB.  It probably never uploaded properly.  If you have an attachment larger, send me a link on another system and then I will upload it here.   :cheers:
make sure your friend installed it correctly
SWBF1 Modding / Re: lua4dec - Lua 4.0 Decompiler
February 28, 2024, 04:03:54 AM
Quote from: vonfrank on February 27, 2024, 09:19:02 PMI've been looking for a way to decompile mission.lvl files for really old addon maps in order to increase reinforcement count, unit count, and potentially change specific units altogether. Would your tool allow this?

I'm not too familiar with command-line programs, so I'm not sure if the test release is capable of that already.

It is not difficult to make a new mission.lvl file.  You just need the name of the map.  Refer to the SWBFupdate project I was working on. 
considering that Steam does not support 32-bit OS, I'm not sure it matters.  The exe could still be 32-bit...or even if it is not, it may still be limited.   Time will tell!
Although if there is Jabba Palace then I think the regular mods will work. More unknown is the multiplayer issues.
I would be interested to learn what version of multiplayer netware they will use  :cheers:
Released Assets / Re: republic artillery gun .
January 30, 2024, 06:06:21 AM
Quote from: AUDiin1 on January 28, 2024, 07:03:54 PMthen they should delete it  :wave:

Nope.  You have instructions.  Follow them and maybe someone will have them and share them with you.