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Hey all, so I took up 3D modeling recently (only after 15 years of begging other people to handle modeling issues for me), and I'm having a lot of fun with it. But I do have one issue.

I'm using Blender 3.6 with the SWBF-msh-Blender-IO addon. Works great for weapons and vehicles so far, but there's been a hiccup for character models. I made a few tweaks to some troop models, and the result in-game is that all but one or two of the visible soldier models would go right to low-rez. I have had this sort of thing happen before when using other people's high-poly models, but the ones I was using were not high-poly models, in fact they were slightly modified vanilla models. A couple actually had reduced poly counts from their default form. I then tried just loading an unaltered, default model into Blender, then export it with no changes. That model also caused the troop models to go to low-rez, so obviously it is something to do with the Blender import/export.

I then found there was an export option to "Generate Triangle Strips". Checking this option helps, as it is now up to 3 of the models being visible in high-res. However, I believe there is supposed to be at least 5 in high-res by default. So I'm half-way there, but not all the way there.

Wondering if anyone would know what other else I can try or if there are any settings I need to adjust in order to fix this issue?

Thanks for your time!
Released Maps and Mods / Snowball Fight (3.0)
February 12, 2023, 03:25:50 AM
Snowball Fight (3.0);sa=view;down=1620

It was an old tradition of mine to make snowball fight-themed maps around Christmas time during my first run of modding. I decided I wanted to renew that tradition this year with a further improvement to the concept. Feel free to message me with improvement suggests if you have any!

Extract folder SnwFgh to your Star Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn folder.

Version 3.0
-Redesigned entire map with altered layout and objects
-New skybox
-Better textures and polish
-Revised sides with three units per team and reworked weapons
-Instant Action screen preview video
-Stock-quality minimap

-For whatever reason, the menu music plays noticeably slower when you exit back to main menu

-God          because in the end, all things are his assets
-tirpider ATAT Commander
-various artists See attached Music Credits for Royalty Free Music credits
Released Maps and Mods / File Correction Request
August 20, 2022, 08:53:49 PM
Hey, I don't know which mod would be the best to approach on this, but it came to my attention that a map I released a while back apparently ended up in the SWBF2 section instead of SWBF1. I must have somehow made a mistake when I was uploading I have to guess.

Link to map file in question

Can this be moved to the SWBF1 files instead? If not, can it just be deleted and I will reupload it? Thanks and also sorry for the hassle!
Creating this as a general purpose thread to announce/draw attention to projects I'm working on or that are being released soon or have been released. Figured since I don't do any huge projects, one thread should suffice for everything.

Anyway, starting off by announcing the release of Ranen: Lava Fields (1.0). It's out for download on Gamefront currently, and eventually I plan to get it released on ModDB as a backup.

local link:;sa=view;down=1622

I know I said my next project would be for BF2... but frankly trying to convert Ranen: Platforms over just killed my interest in modding in general for a time. I only got back to it after I abandoned that endeavor and started working on new projects for BF1 again. Anyway, description below:

QuoteSo after many years, we finally have the 1.0 release of Ranen: Lava Fields. The one that I released over a decade ago was listed as a BETA, because I failed to polish it with things like an Instant Action preview video and a half-way decent minimap. I basically didn't touch that map much after that release, and like everything modding related, I left it on the shelf for nearly a decade during my hiatus. Now here I am, back again, and with a truly complete version.

This new version keeps the same general layout of the old map, but with a more detailed terrain, more objects, vastly improved textures, and a new skybox and atmospheric effects (as seen in my recently released Ranen: Platforms 4.0). I also added some new vehicles, such as the Rebel Hovernaut and the BF2 Hovertank, as well as an Imperial AAT, and the Republic AT-XT. I also reskinned some of the vehicles I had in the old map, so the Rebels can still roll around in an IFT Fightertank and an AT-TE. There are also some new units, with Pysch0fred's Bothan Spy highlighting the Rebel faction, the Empire retaining the Imperial Officer and also getting a JKO/JKA-themed Stormtrooper Officer, the Republic getting the Clone Commander, and the CIS getting a rework of the SBD (which is typical of my old maps, but I've revised it yet again). Also, my Gamma Force side is present on the map as an unplayable ally to the Empire, and a group of Jedi likewise will aid the Republic side. With both the units and the vehicles, I tried to keep things fairly vanilla-friendly, and was actually hoping to restore cut content as much as possible, though with only partial success. I did end up creating some things that I ended up cutting out of this map, but which I hope to maybe include in future ones.

I want to give a very special thanks to Ginev, who created the lava fields and the bridges that I used in this map. He also converted the Jedi Outcast weapon models I used and provided miscellaneous help on a bunch of other things. His time is very much appreciated! Shout out to you, my friend!


SWBF1 Modding / Effects visibility when looking up
April 20, 2022, 09:56:54 AM
So this is kind of a long shot, because I haven't seen it talked about before, but I've discovered an issue while playing around with effects. I'm trying to create a geyser of sorts, and the effect I've created looks pretty good in-game, but I found that if I "look up", it abruptly disappears and stops rendering:

I've played with a few settings in the effect file, but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this sort of thing and can tell me if there is a way to ensure it won't disappear like that.

My theory, and I hope I'm wrong, is that the because the source point of the effect is no longer in my field of view, that makes the entire effect cease to render. It makes sense, but I'm hoping I'm wrong and there's something else that can be done.

Thanks for any help or ideas anyone can provide!
SWBF1 Modding / Pychofred's Naboo Pilot model
February 22, 2022, 07:30:41 AM
Hi guys, so I'm trying to use the female Naboo Pilot model, but the neck juts out of the chest real awkwardly:

I was under the impression the model was made for BF1, but I'm now wondering if maybe it was made for BF2 and only works with those animations. But just in case, I wanted to see if anyone knows a fix, or has any other information on this.

I guess a potential addition to the question would be is there a way to load the BF2 animations onto one model alone and what animations would those be? I tried using the various ones I found in the BF2 assets but they didn't do anything.

Thanks for any help anyone can render!
Hey guys, this is just a simple request for anyone who is able to use XSI or whatever modeling tool.

Ginev tried to edit these models (which are in the Pandemic assets, but don't work right) for me but there were some issues with it that he ran into that prevented him from being able to convert it properly. Something to do with the UV coordinates and the texture. If someone is able, can they convert it to an .obj with a working texture and send it back to me?

Model Download

Thanks to anyone willing to do this!
Released Maps and Mods / Ranen: Platforms (3.0)
August 19, 2021, 03:39:00 PM
Ranen: Platforms (3.0);sa=view;down=1595

So I had mistakenly thought the 2.0 version of this map which is available here and on Gamefront was the latest version of this map, but when I downloaded it to check, I found it was not. Whether I had uploaded the 3.0 or not, I can't say, but if I did, then it was clearly lost in the Filefront shutdown. Truth be told, I may never have uploaded it in the first place! I can't remember.

Anyway, here is Ranen: Platforms 3.0, which had been my newest version of the map for a long time. It featured the latest version of the Gamma Force side, as well as a reskinned rebel faction in opposition. Still a fun map, but the numerous bugs, inconsistencies and lazy cop-outs bugged me, so I created a 4.0, which I will be releasing at the same time (but separate) from this version. They have different directory names, so you can use them both if you want!



Extract folder plt to your Star Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn folder.

Version 3.0
-Reskinned IGF Pilot, Scout and Officer
-Reskinned Rebel faction and added tweaked weapons
-Added Instant Action menu video
-Added minimap

Released Maps and Mods / Ranen: Platforms (4.0)
August 19, 2021, 03:38:56 PM
Ranen: Platforms (4.0);sa=view;down=1596

So I had mistakenly thought the 2.0 version of this map which is available here and on Gamefront was the latest version of this map, but when I downloaded it to check, I found it was not. Whether I had uploaded the 3.0 or not, I can't say, but if I did, then it was clearly lost in the Filefront shutdown. Truth be told, I may never have uploaded it in the first place! I can't remember.

In any case, I have uploaded the 3.0, which was the last version of this map I had done before hiatus, in a separate download. After finding the source files for it though, I decided I wanted to just make "a few tweaks" to fix some of the issues with the only one and make the textures and skins a bit better quality and more consistent. And so my few tweaks turned into weeks of near constant modding, which resulted in this, the 4.0 of Ranen: Platforms.

Even if it doesn't seem like the map is all that different, I had to do quite a bit. I realigned the map components from scratch, replaced the Kamino textures so the Kamino props and Bespins props would be so distinctively different from one-another, reskinned the factions, reworked the weapons, and did a host of other small things. The things I'm most proud of are the new Imperial X-Wing (see below) and the reskinned BF1 Rebel fleet trooper. Sure, it would have been easier to use the BF2 Tantive trooper model, but I just wanted to use the BF1 version instead. Also reworked the Flak launcher, and added a weapon that I believe had only been used in my test maps, but never made it to an official release: The Wave Pulser. It's basically Force Push in a gun. :tu:

Lemme know whatcha all think.



Extract folder RanPlt to your Star Wars BattlefrontGameDataAddOn folder.

Version 4.0
-Redesigned map layout with symmetrical precision
-Reskinned entire Gamme Force side, reworked existing weapons and added new ones
-Restored Rebels mostly to stock weapons, but with new skins
-Sniper rifles are spec'd to Battlefront 2 stats instead of Battlefront 1
-Added new sounds
-Added new sky and atmospheric effects
-Added revised Instant Action menu video
-Added revised minimap

-God          because in the end, all things are his assets
-Pysch0fred for the Bothan Spy
-Vyse for the custom sound tutorial
-Gistech/giftheck for the PS2 SE-14 model
-tirpider      for fixed Imperial ATAT Commander, MSH Editing Tool, Urban Marksman
-Taiyvx for the flak projectile
-Anyone I missed if you find something of yours in here, please let me know and I will update the credits!

Note: You can run Ranen: Platforms 3.0 at the same time as 4.0, because they have separate directories.
Released Maps and Mods / Geonosis Canyon (Redux)
July 28, 2021, 11:50:15 AM
Geonosis Canyon (Redux);sa=view;down=1592

A remake of my very first map, Geonosis: Canyon.

Gameplay video by wsa30h:


Place GeoCan in your Gamedata/Addon folder.


A complete remake of my first ever map of the same name, though it does not resemble the original in any way.
There is a log of experimental stuff in here, and some doesn't function as well as I'd like.


Several years after the end of the Clone Wars, the former battleground world of Geonosis once again forced its way to the forefront of galactic attention.
A hive of rebellous Geonosians, after secretly collecting and reactivating thousands of Separatist battledroids and war machines, had begun restoring their deep underground factories to working order.
Imperial agents eventually learned about these activities, but by then the Geonosians had already assembled a significant army, coordinated by a massive droid control mainframe build deep within the planet itself.
Their operations no longer secret, the Geonosians lashed-out on the local Imperial Army garrison, quickly slaughtering most of the inexperienced troops.
However, one battalion managed to mount an assault on what was believed to be an access point to the mainframe control, but overwhelming droid and local resistance halted this advance.
The army unit managed to hold a clearing further up the canyon long enough for reinforcements to arrive; a legion of the Empire's elite Stormtroopers, along with new, top-line equipment.
It was time for the Empire to make these bugs wish they'd all died mercifully during the Clone Wars...


God because in the end, all things are his assets
Pysch0fred for the Vehicle Pad texture and misc. assets and information
Vyse for the custom sound tutorial
Phobos for the music tool
Gistech/giftheck for the DLT-19s (and OOM Droid (I think))
Sereja for the DH-17, Blaster Effects
AQT for the scaled SBD animations
FragMe! for the terrain cutters
WhiskeyTangoFoxX for Imperial Officer
tirpider for Imperial ATAT Commander
DarthD.U.C.K for Unversal Dead Units
Anyone I missed if you find something of yours in here, please let me know and I will update the credits!

And the good folks at SWBFGamers and Gametoast for all the help on various other matters!


This map is optimized for maximum graphic levels only. Playing this map with lower graphics settings will result in a drastic drop-off in visual quality.

There is an easter egg hidden in plain sight on this map!

Known Bugs:

 *Hangar sometimes does not render, resulting in weird visible holes in the terrain
 *AI sometimes get stuck on objects
Released Maps and Mods / Geonosis: Canyon (Redux)
July 27, 2021, 09:19:12 PM
Hello all, popping in to announce the release of my first completed map since my "return" to active modding. Geonosis: Canyon is an attempted remake of my very first map, of the same name. This one does not resemble the original in any way though, with new, experimental sides and numerous other gameplay features I learned about from my time reading threads here and sampling the work of various modders.

I've been obsessing over every little detail with this map, to a point where I just had to force myself to consider it good enough, so I could get it released and focus on other projects I'm neglecting. That said, if enough feedback shows some glaring bugs or issues, I'll maybe release an update at some later time.

Anyway, map is Empire vs Geonosians and Battledroids, set in the interwar years after the Clone Wars. It doesn't align with either canon precisely, but since I much prefer the Legends Canon it's what I generally used as references for various specs and such. The map features some slightly different weapon setups (recharge for most everything, similar to the DICE Battlefronts), more powerful damage but lesser accuracy, and some other experimental ideas gameplay changes. Also movie-accurate sounds for the blasters (to the best of my ability).

Some pics of the map:

Currently it is available on Gamefront, but I will add the link to one I uploaded here as soon as staff approves the download.


Also some added notes:

- I realized after I'd already done the upload that I forgot to add wsa30h to the credits. So added thanks to him for his cross-era announcer fix, as well as his work on making cross-era stuff work in general.

- The screenshot of the Imperial Officer on the download page is outdated, some of the weapon loadouts are different than shown and there is a proper functional minimap as well.
SWBF1 Modding / DropItemClass crash issue
July 16, 2021, 02:56:42 PM
Heyo people,

So, I was experimenting with the section at the bottom of your average unit class, this being the original form for reference:

DropItemClass = "com_item_powerup_ammo"
DropItemProbability = 0.40
NextDropItem = "-"
DropItemClass = "com_item_powerup_health100"
DropItemProbability = 0.30
NextDropItem = "-"
DropItemClass = "com_item_powerup_dual"
DropItemProbability = 0.10

So, you'd think if you made a modified version of one of those items (from the common folder) and just put it in your side ODF, you should be able to load it in, right? Like if I made a "com_item_powerup_health50", and replaced the ammo one. Well, if you do that, it crashes the game, even if the ODF is correctly connected and even if you don't do anything to change it other than the name.

You can, however, link to certain other common items in the common ODF folder (which is obviously in the common.lvl). For example, com_weap_inf_landmine. If you put this in, when your character dies they will actually drop a landmine upon death (pretty cool), but if you take that landmine and make a name-changed one in your side folder, it doesn't read it and crashes the game.

This looks like, for some reason, the DropItemClass line only reads stuff in the existing common.lvl and won't read anything new in your map's .lvl files. Why is this? I can't get SPTest to work (Steam version, also tried the version with the same result), so I can't check the error log, so I'm wondering if someone who does have it could experiment on this and see what they find out?

I think this would be very interesting because it would allow you to not only have soldiers drop unique ammo and health items, but also things like mines or grenades or the like.
SWBF1 Modding / Stock Streams Munge Error
June 19, 2021, 12:12:40 PM
Hey guys, I seem to have this ongoing issue that I just cannot solve, and that doesn't seem to have an easy to find solution. Basically I've gotten almost everything down sound-wise, except that for some reason my tools refuse to locate stock streams. This has resulted in me not being able to load the stock voiceovers or stock music. Here is an example of the error:

Quotesoundflmunge.exe : Error : Unable to open file ..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_start01.wav  - while munging D:\BF1ModdingStation\BFBuilder\DataGeoCan\Sound\worlds\GeoCan\phobosgcw_music.stm
soundflmunge.exe : Error : Unable to open file ..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_start01.wav, format may be invalid  - while munging D:\BF1ModdingStation\BFBuilder\DataGeoCan\Sound\worlds\GeoCan\phobosgcw_music.stm
soundflmunge.exe : Error : Unable to read file list D:\BF1ModdingStation\BFBuilder\DataGeoCan\Sound\worlds\GeoCan\phobosgcw_music.stm  - while munging D:\BF1ModdingStation\BFBuilder\DataGeoCan\Sound\worlds\GeoCan\phobosgcw_music.stm

This is what the .stm file looks like:

// ----- Ambient Bleed Music -----
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_start01.wav all_hot_amb_start01
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_start02.wav all_hot_amb_start02
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_start03.wav all_hot_amb_start03
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_middle.wav all_hot_amb_middle
..\hot\Streams\HothRebAmbMid2.WAV all_hot_amb_middle02
..\hot\Streams\HothRebAmbMid3.WAV all_hot_amb_middle03
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_end.wav all_hot_amb_end
..\hot\Streams\HothImpAmbStart3.WAV imp_hot_amb_start02
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_middle01.Wav imp_hot_amb_middle01
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_middle02.Wav imp_hot_amb_middle02
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_end.Wav imp_hot_amb_end
// ----- Ambient Vehicle Music
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_veh01.wav all_hot_amb_veh01
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_veh02.wav all_hot_amb_veh02
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_veh03.wav all_hot_amb_veh03
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_veh01.Wav imp_hot_amb_veh01
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_veh02.Wav imp_hot_amb_veh02
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_veh03.Wav imp_hot_amb_veh03
// ----- Win Lose Music -----
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_defeat.wav all_hot_amb_defeat
..\hot\Streams\all_hot_amb_victory02.wav all_hot_amb_victory02
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_victory.Wav imp_hot_amb_victory
..\hot\Streams\imp_hot_amb_defeat.Wav imp_hot_amb_defeat

I'm frankensteining various things together for this sound setup, so I'm using files from Phobos's music making tool. So that's why it looks like that if you are wondering.

In any case, I'm pretty sure all the .reqs and such are lined-up perfectly, it's just the munge does not like to load stock streams files themselves. Anyone know why this might be and what the solution is?

EDIT: I'm realizing it might be that Streams have to be loaded in locally on each map, but if that's the case then it I would appreciate it if someone could confirm that. Thanks.
SWBF1 Modding / How to remove color from mesh?
May 29, 2020, 06:53:59 AM
Hey all, I have a bit of an issue going on with the Rhen Var ice cave meshes, which I am just giving a minor retexture for my map. Problem is, despite me removing the greenish color from the .tgas, there are still blotches of it within the meshes in-game:

Whatever is causing it, it results in a non-uniform appearance to the cave walls, which just makes the whole thing look bad. I'm wondering if anyone knows what causes this and if it is possible to hex-edit it out of the mesh somehow?

Hey all, so in the process of experimenting in the LUA in a (vain) effort to try and have icon-less factions, I discovered something that I'm not entirely sure other people know of or not. I could be wrong, and this could be something that has been common knowledge for years and I just haven't seen it yet (I tried searching and checking through the tutorial guide and didn't see anything on the matter though), so if you guys know this all, just stop reading and tell me to shut up. lol

So, I found myself interested in the information provided by this post by Dark_Phantom, namely the existence of a "neutral" faction. I began doing some experimenting, and discovered a few interesting things that could and should be useful to people (at the least, to myself, if everyone else already knows these things).

Multiple Mainline Teams

As indicated in Phantom's post, the factions listed in the hardcode are the only ones the game recognizes, anything else defaults to the "local" (yellow) faction. In addition, although you have separate listings of "all" and "alliance", "rep" and "republic", "imp" and "empire", these two variants function interchangeably and don't appear to be separate in any way. Therefor, in effect, there are six "factions" as defined by the game:

  • All/Alliance
  • CIS
  • Imp/Empire
  • Rep/Republic
  • Locals
  • Neu/Neutral

Now we all know that you can have multiple local factions, and we further know that you can set teams 3, 4, 5 etc as being one of the off-era mainline factions. But I found it is also entirely possible to use a mainline faction multiple times. For example, let's say you wanted three different clone trooper legions fighting against the seps. You could set your teams 3 and 4 to both pull "Republic" instead of local:

--      2nd Legion Stats
    SetTeamName(3, "republic")
    SetTeamIcon(3, "rep_icon")
    AddUnitClass(3, "rep_inf_clone_trooper",10)
    AddUnitClass(3, "rep_inf_arc_trooper",1)
    AddUnitClass(3, "rep_inf_clone_pilot",2)
    AddUnitClass(3, "rep_inf_clone_sharpshooter",2)
    AddUnitClass(3, "rep_inf_jet_trooper",1)
--    SetHeroClass(3, "rep_inf_macewindu")
    SetUnitCount(3, 16)
    SetTeamAsEnemy(3, ATT)
    SetTeamAsFriend(3, DEF)

--      3rd Legion Stats
    SetTeamName(4, "republic")
    SetTeamIcon(4, "rep_icon")
    AddUnitClass(4, "rep_inf_clone_trooper",10)
    AddUnitClass(4, "rep_inf_arc_trooper",1)
    AddUnitClass(4, "rep_inf_clone_pilot",2)
    AddUnitClass(4, "rep_inf_clone_sharpshooter",2)
    AddUnitClass(4, "rep_inf_jet_trooper",1)
--    SetHeroClass(4, "rep_inf_macewindu")
    SetUnitCount(4, 16)
    SetTeamAsEnemy(4, ATT)
    SetTeamAsFriend(4, DEF)

NOTE: This does mean if you give teams 3 and 4 their own CPs, they will wind up "capturing" them for main republic faction (DEF in this case) since their designation as "friend" of DEF makes them subservient. There are ways around that of course, such as untakable CPs, invisible ones, or just attaching them to the same CPs as the main republic faction.

Anyway, back to the main point...

The SetTeamName(4, "republic") line is the key. You could actually take one of the main two factions and simply swap out the name in the quotations to any other faction, regardless of what is before it, and it will load the faction in the quotations. For example:

--      Alliance Stats
    SetTeamName(ALL, "Alliance")
    SetTeamIcon(ALL, "all_icon")
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_soldierdesert",10)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_vanguard",1)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_pilot",2)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_marksman",2)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "all_inf_smuggler",1)
    SetHeroClass(ALL, "all_inf_lukeskywalker")

--      Imperial Stats
    SetTeamName(IMP, "Alliance")
    SetTeamIcon(IMP, "imp_icon")
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_storm_trooper",10)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_shock_trooper",1)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_pilottie",2)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_scout_trooper",2)
    AddUnitClass(IMP, "imp_inf_dark_trooper",1)
    SetHeroClass(IMP, "imp_inf_darthvader")

Despite the fact that the imperial side has "imp," before the word "Alliance", it will load in as a rebel faction, with the rebel logo and rebel localization (and VO). In this particular case, the "imp" is really just the designation that the LUA has been given. You could take that same faction and replace every line of "IMP," with "WOK" and it would function the same, provided you changed the line at the top to reflect it:

    local ALL = 1
    local WOK = 2

You'd also need to replace IMP in the VO's below for them to work right. That's really more if you're into neatness though, you could simply leave everything as IMP, but all you really have to do is replace "Empire" with "Alliance" or "All" in the quotations slot, and it will change the nature of the faction.

Regardless, this is a nice way to supplement one of the main factions with additional soldiers that are localized the same way as that faction. I can see it being used similarly to how Sereja usually has extras like Imperial probe and torture droids, or Rebel R2 units, following alongside the main faction. In his case, they are locals, but this is a way you can define them as being rebel or imperial, so when they are killed they will use those factions' localization instead.

There is one potential shortcoming, a minor one, but still one that is annoying to perfectionists like me. So, say we have our three Republic factions, if one of the non-player ones loses a CP, it will be reported to the player by the announcer as though it was their faction losing the CP. This applies whether those republic factions are friendly, neutral or hostile toward the player's faction; it will simply happen regardless. In effect, the Republic VO will apply to any Republic faction for any Republic Faction's action. I have not attempted to test messing around with the announcer lines in the LUA though, so it is maybe possible to override this somehow, but for the moment I'm going to assume it's bound to the hard-coded faction and not the LUA-defined "side".

The Neutral Side

Now, as I said above, there are 6 factions you can call upon. Neutral, or Neu, as it turns out, is a viable faction that is mostly functional in-game. It does not have an icon (which is where I briefly had high-hopes that it could be used as a non-local alternative to the mainline factions) and behaves similarly to the four mainlines (green for player/allies, red for enemies, white if neutral). It can in fact be loaded in as the player faction as well. It is also partially supported by localization, meaning you can go in and under "common>sides>neu>firstnames/lastnames" you can set names for the soldiers serving for this faction. By default, they are unlocalized, and thus have Imperial Stormtrooper-style designations (two letters and three numbers). Because they are unlocalized though, you to override them with as many or as few designations as you want.

However, the neutral faction has two major weaknesses. The first is, as I implied, the localization is only partial. I cannot get it to accept a faction name, even if I set it up the same way as every other faction. It will always show up in-game as "undefined". The other problem is that, if it is loaded as one of the playable factions, it will run just fine throughout a match, but once the match ends and attempts to go to the stats page, the game will crash. There is no crash risk if it is team 3, 4, 5 etc. But it will crash if it is team 1 or 2.

In essence, the "neutral" or "neu" faction can be used as an "extra" local faction, but primarily as one that does not capture or hold and CPs for itself (unless someone can figure out what is missing on the localization front). It can be used, much like the doubled-up mainline factions as I outlined above, as a supplemental side that spawns via invisible/untakable CPs, or alongside one of the main sides. I can see it as being potentially quite useful in that capacity.

Well, that's what I got. Hopefully I explained it cohesively enough for people to understand. If you guys know all this already, then I'm sorry for wasting your time, and even more for wasting my own! :XD: But if this is something that hasn't really gotten any attention, I hope it can be of use to someone!
Hey fellow modders, I'm having a big of an issue trying to get a custom common.lvl to load into an addon map. I've looked across several threads and messages around here and the best I've been able to come up with is you just need the line:


In your LUA, along with placing the modified common.lvl into "Data\_lvl_pc\COMMON"

The thing is... I've done that and then some, but it won't work. In fact, to be thorough, I have uploaded two different common files (common.lvl and sepan_common.lvl) into EVERY level of my addon folder.


Every one of those five folders has the two .lvl folders in it, just to quintuply sure I have them there! Then I even put the sepan_common.lvl in the base files too, to see if I could load it from there...

Then, I added multiple lines in the LUA to try and get *any* of them to read:

-- FUNCTION:    ScriptInit
-- PURPOSE:     This function is only run once
-- NOTES:       The name, 'ScriptInit' is a chosen convention, and each
--              mission script must contain a version of this function, as
--              it is called from C to start the mission.

function ScriptInit()
--  Empire Attacking (attacker is always #1)
    --local IMP = 1
    --local ALL = 2
    local CIS = 1
    local ALL = 2
    local Empire = 3
--  These variables do not change
    local ATT = 1
    local DEF = 2

    AddMissionObjective(CIS, "red", "level.SepV.objectives.1");
--    AddMissionObjective(CIS, "orange", "level.SepV.objectives.2");
    AddMissionObjective(CIS, "orange", "level.SepV.objectives.3");
--    AddMissionObjective(ALL, "red", "level.SepV.objectives.1");
    AddMissionObjective(ALL, "orange", "level.SepV.objectives.2");
    AddMissionObjective(ALL, "orange", "level.SepV.objectives.3");






--      Alliance Stats
    SetTeamName(ALL, "Alliance")
    SetTeamIcon(ALL, "all_icon")
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "rip_inf_pilot",10)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "rip_inf_mechanic",5)
    AddUnitClass(ALL, "rip_inf_trooper",5)
    SetHeroClass(ALL, "all_inf_lukeskywalker")

--      Imperial Stats
    --SetTeamName(IMP, "Empire")
    --SetTeamIcon(IMP, "imp_icon")
    SetTeamName(CIS, "CIS")
    SetTeamIcon(CIS, "CIS_icon")
    AddUnitClass(CIS, "dim_inf_pilot",10)
    AddUnitClass(CIS, "dim_inf_mechanic",5)
    AddUnitClass(CIS, "dim_inf_trooper",5)
    SetHeroClass(CIS, "imp_inf_darthvader")
--  Attacker Stats
    SetUnitCount(ATT, 20)
    SetReinforcementCount(ATT, 200)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 31, 0.0)
--    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 21, 0.75)
    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 11, 0.75)
    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 10, 1.5)
    AddBleedThreshold(ATT, 1, 3.0)

--  Defender Stats
    SetUnitCount(DEF, 20)
    SetReinforcementCount(DEF, 200)
--    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 31, 0.0)
--    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 21, 0.75)
    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 11, 0.75)
    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 10, 1.5)
    AddBleedThreshold(DEF, 1, 3.0)

    SetTeamName(3, "Empire")
    SetTeamIcon(3, "imp_icon")
    AddUnitClass(3, "imp_inf_pilot",8)
    AddUnitClass(3, "imp_inf_gunner",8)
    SetUnitCount(3, 16)
    SetTeamAsEnemy(3, ATT)
    SetTeamAsEnemy(3, DEF)

--  Level Stats
    AddWalkerType(0, 4) -- Droidekas
    AddWalkerType(1, 4) -- number of leg pairs, count
    AddWalkerType(2, 0)
    --SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityHover", 12)
    SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityFlyer", 55)
--  SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityBuildingArmedDynamic", 16)
--  SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityTauntaun", 0)
--  SetMemoryPoolSize("MountedTurret", 22)
    SetMemoryPoolSize("PowerupItem", 60)
--    SetMemoryPoolSize("SoundSpaceRegion", 85)
    SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityMine", 40)
    --SetMemoryPoolSize("Aimer", 200)
--    SetMemoryPoolSize("Obstacle", 725)
    --SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityLight", 150)

SetMemoryPoolSize("Aimer", 999)

    SetSpawnDelay(10.0, 0.25)
    SetMaxFlyHeight(150) --250
    SetMaxPlayerFlyHeight(150) --250
    SetAIVehicleNotifyRadius(400) --64


--  Sound Stats
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\bes.lvl",  "bes1gcw_music");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\gcw.lvl",  "gcw_vo");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\gcw.lvl",  "gcw_tac_vo");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\bes.lvl",  "bes1");
    OpenAudioStream("sound\\bes.lvl",  "bes1");
    OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\SepV.lvl",  "SepanV");
    OpenAudioStream("dc:sound\\SepV.lvl",  "SepanV");

    SetBleedingVoiceOver(ALL, ALL, "all_off_com_report_us_overwhelmed", 1);
    SetBleedingVoiceOver(ALL, CIS, "all_off_com_report_enemy_losing",   1);
    SetBleedingVoiceOver(CIS, ALL, "imp_off_com_report_enemy_losing",   1);
    SetBleedingVoiceOver(CIS, CIS, "imp_off_com_report_us_overwhelmed", 1);

    SetLowReinforcementsVoiceOver(ALL, ALL, "all_off_defeat_im", .1, 1);
    SetLowReinforcementsVoiceOver(ALL, CIS, "all_off_victory_im", .1, 1);
    SetLowReinforcementsVoiceOver(CIS, CIS, "imp_off_defeat_im", .1, 1);
    SetLowReinforcementsVoiceOver(CIS, ALL, "imp_off_victory_im", .1, 1);

    SetOutOfBoundsVoiceOver(1, "Allleaving");
    SetOutOfBoundsVoiceOver(2, "Impleaving");

    SetAmbientMusic(ALL, 1.0, "all_bes_amb_start",0,1);
    SetAmbientMusic(ALL, 0.99, "all_bes_amb_middle",1,1);
    SetAmbientMusic(ALL, 0.1,"all_bes_amb_end",2,1);
    SetAmbientMusic(CIS, 1.0, "imp_bes_amb_start",0,1);
    SetAmbientMusic(CIS, 0.99, "imp_bes_amb_middle",1,1);
    SetAmbientMusic(CIS, 0.1,"imp_bes_amb_end",2,1);

--   SetAmbientMusic(IMP, 1.0, "imp_bes_amb_start",0,1);
  --  SetAmbientMusic(IMP, 0.99, "imp_bes_amb_middle",1,1);
  --  SetAmbientMusic(IMP, 0.1,"imp_bes_amb_end",2,1);

    SetVictoryMusic(ALL, "all_bes_amb_victory");
    SetDefeatMusic (ALL, "all_bes_amb_defeat");
    SetVictoryMusic(CIS, "imp_bes_amb_victory");
    SetDefeatMusic (CIS, "imp_bes_amb_defeat");

--    SetVictoryMusic(IMP, "imp_bes_amb_victory");
  --  SetDefeatMusic (IMP, "imp_bes_amb_defeat");

    SetSoundEffect("ScopeDisplayZoomIn",  "binocularzoomin");
    SetSoundEffect("ScopeDisplayZoomOut", "binocularzoomout");
    --SetSoundEffect("WeaponUnableSelect",  "com_weap_inf_weaponchange_null");
    --SetSoundEffect("WeaponModeUnableSelect",  "com_weap_inf_modechange_null");
    SetSoundEffect("SpawnDisplayUnitChange",       "shell_select_unit");
    SetSoundEffect("SpawnDisplayUnitAccept",       "shell_menu_enter");
    SetSoundEffect("SpawnDisplaySpawnPointChange", "shell_select_change");
    SetSoundEffect("SpawnDisplaySpawnPointAccept", "shell_menu_enter");
    SetSoundEffect("SpawnDisplayBack",             "shell_menu_exit");

    SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(CIS, CIS, 3, "imp_bonus_imp_hero");
    SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(CIS, ALL, 3, "imp_bonus_all_hero");
    --SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(IMP, IMP, 4, "imp_bonus_imp_reserves");
    --SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(IMP, ALL, 4, "imp_bonus_all_reserves");

    SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(ALL, ALL, 3, "all_bonus_all_hero");
    SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(ALL, CIS, 3, "all_bonus_imp_hero");
    --SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(ALL, ALL, 4, "all_bonus_all_reserves");
    --SetPlanetaryBonusVoiceOver(ALL, IMP, 4, "all_bonus_imp_reserves");

--  Camera Stats
--Tat 3 - Jabbas' Palace
    AddCameraShot(0.685601, -0.253606, -0.639994, -0.236735, -65.939224, -0.176558, 127.400444);
    AddCameraShot(0.786944, 0.050288, -0.613719, 0.039218, -80.626396, 1.175180, 133.205551);
    AddCameraShot(0.997982, 0.061865, -0.014249, 0.000883, -65.227898, 1.322798, 123.976990);
    AddCameraShot(-0.367869, -0.027819, -0.926815, 0.070087, -19.548307, -5.736280, 163.360519);
    AddCameraShot(0.773980, -0.100127, -0.620077, -0.080217, -61.123989, -0.629283, 176.066025);
    AddCameraShot(0.978189, 0.012077, 0.207350, -0.002560, -88.388947, 5.674968, 153.745255);
    AddCameraShot(-0.144606, -0.010301, -0.986935, 0.070304, -106.872772, 2.066469, 102.783096);
    AddCameraShot(0.926756, -0.228578, -0.289446, -0.071390, -60.819584, -2.117482, 96.400620);
    AddCameraShot(0.873080, 0.134285, 0.463274, -0.071254, -52.071609, -8.430746, 67.122437);
    AddCameraShot(0.773398, -0.022789, -0.633236, -0.018659, -32.738083, -7.379394, 81.508003);
    AddCameraShot(0.090190, 0.005601, -0.993994, 0.061733, -15.379695, -9.939115, 72.110054);
    AddCameraShot(0.971737, -0.118739, -0.202524, -0.024747, -16.591295, -1.371236, 147.933029);
    AddCameraShot(0.894918, 0.098682, -0.432560, 0.047698, -20.577391, -10.683214, 128.752563);


And yet, nothing ever changes. I tested the common.lvl on the base game to make sure it wasn't an issue with the .lvl itself, and it works just fine. So somehow I've got a loading issue going on here, and I cannot figure out what it is. Anyone know what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!
So, I'm working on a map that I realized was too small for my intended purposes. I have one spawn point for the local faction pretty far away from the rest of the action, but it was outside the confines of the map and so everything there instantly died. I resized the terrain to 1024x1024, hoping this would allow me to deal with the issue without having to move or replace all of my objects. Sadly, this problem is still happening.

Is there another step to resizing terrain or the edges of a pre-existing map, or do I pretty much just need to restart this thing? On that matter... how would I go about doing that in a way that will ensure I have the right sized map to start with? I used to think there was a "new map" option somewhere, but now that I look I don't see anything. Do I just copy from the DataTemplate and rename?
Hello gentlemen,

I have two questions, or requests I suppose. The first is something I knew how to do at one time, but have forgotten in the eight or so years it's been since I last modded. The second is something that has been frustrating for me since those days, and continues to be. lol

1. So, I know at one time there was a way I managed to get the texture assets for the reticles used by the various blasters. Unfortunately, I do not remember how to find them, and searching reticle or common.lvl yields too many irrelevant results. My specific question is where can I get those original files? Are they in the assets anywhere, or do I need to run some sort of extraction tool on the main common.lvl, or what?

2. Since forever, I have wanted to add the Z-95 into this game. So far I have access to two models, Anakin's CW-era one (meh, not a fan of that design) and Mav's model, which is a good model but has no landing gear. Supposedly there are two other models out there, one by maxloef, and another Warb Null (those are their Gametoast account names). I've tried asking on Gametoast, but nobody has responded, so I figured I should ask here too. Basically I just want to know if there are any other Z-95 models out there beside the Anakin and Mav ones.

Any answers to either question would be appreciated! Thanks!
SWBF1 Modding / Game freezes when you Restart Mission?
January 07, 2020, 05:19:51 PM
Hey guys, wondering if anyone has seen this problem before or knows what could cause it. I have a map I'm working on that seems to be working fine for the most part, except for one thing. When I hit "restart mission" in the menu, the game completely freezes, and if I'm running the regular game instead of SPTest, it freezes so hard I have to log out on my computer.

I've tested some of my other maps and this error does not occur in them. It appears to be this one map. Problem is, SP test doesn't seem to be able to log the error that causes the freeze, so I have no idea what it is.

Only Level 3 error I'm finding in the log is this:

Message Severity: 3
pcTerrainShader: detail texture expects L8 format!

Anyone got any ideas what could cause this?
SWBF1 Modding / "Object Cutter"
December 04, 2019, 08:07:20 PM
So, I know there is such a thing as a Terrain Cutter, but what I'm really curious about is if there is such a thing as an "Object Cutter". Say I have an object that is just a big shape, but I want to be able to punch a hole in it and put a tunnel inside of it, can this be done without having to modify the .MSH?

I've tried looking it up before, but I haven't found any search results that seem relevant.

Thanks in advance!