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Quote from: Dark_Phantom on April 11, 2024, 05:18:25 AMHovernaut and MTT both exist in the stock game assets but I believe the Hovernaut has collision issues.

I think just the Hovernaut weapon ODFs are in the stock assets, however the MSH, textures and the main vehicle ODF will also need to be downloaded from

Oh, and I found that the collision problem is due to the SpringBody functions in the ODF. I have all of mine commented out when I use the Hovernaut and the collision works much better then.
Released Assets / Re: Unit 33's Rebel Marksman
April 02, 2024, 05:21:46 PM
Very nice job!

Out of curiosity, did you test to see how many render in-game at once?
Requests / Re: Some SWBF1 beta assets
March 29, 2024, 12:21:25 PM
Quote from: Miraak49 on March 29, 2024, 08:24:11 AMNah i didn't released them yet but i plan to do so
but here are 2 ones that could interest you (haven't checked all of them yet)
-pilot with white boots/glove (nice for snow maps)
-reddish (geonosis) B1 texture (maybe u noticed that in the final game, the first person model for B1 is still incorrectly using the reddish texture)

That Battledroid texture is a great find! I just found that I apparently did have that rebel pilot texture already, but that Battledroid one I have never seen before. I figured there had to have been one, since like you said, the first person model has the Geonosis coloring, but I'd never seen a trace of the original. Great find.

Looking forward to when you release the rest!

Requests / Re: Some SWBF1 beta assets
March 29, 2024, 07:53:07 AM
Quote from: Miraak49 on March 29, 2024, 06:56:35 AMI got the Bothan Spy from (it's also on moddb)
Found the Imperial Officer in a map ressource (don't remember wich one) (the snow version, ATAT commander, is already in)
Clone Commander is already in
I made my own texture for the Tactical Droid (B1 officer droid) and IG-88 is already in
Psych0fred website has tons of cool goodies, mostly cut vehicles

I unmunged the march 2024 beta files wich allowed me to get some differents textures and effects (such as the rebel pilot with white boots/gloves or the bigger particles for the scatter gun) (sadly models are not unmunged correctly wich is why i am looking for them)

Is that all you got ?

I think I have all of the first section stuff (I've also gone through Psych0fred's site, even got a few things form him directly), just not the textures you mentioned from your beta unmunge. I know I've seen screens of the Rebel pilot with the white boots before, but I'm not sure I've seen the texture for it.

Did you release those files anywhere?
Requests / Re: Some SWBF1 beta assets
March 29, 2024, 05:04:47 AM
Where are the ones that you did find uploaded, out of curiosity? I've been trying to gather up as many of the early game assets as I can find, and I'd be interested to see if there's anything you've found that I haven't.
Working on remastering some of the older unused weapon relics that get found here or there. This is the PS2 Imperial pistol that I believe Giftheck uploaded here a while back, alongside my remaster with an improved model and an AI-scaled texture:

This one I have the images in backward order, the new on is on the top.
Quote from: Giftheck on March 12, 2024, 02:04:37 PMYour work looks really good! I look forward to seeing the end result!  :cheers:


I actually got it uploaded to Gamefront today (click here!). Fastest I think I've ever had a download approved by them. It has also been sent for approval here, but that download just links to the Gamefront one, since the file is too big to be directly hosted here.


Also, I completely forgot to add this bit of trivia to my description, but the original inspiration for the Europa maps was an old strategy tank game called Battlezone 1998. A fun fact I learned later about BZ98, is that apparently the dev team that built it for Activision, would later became Pandemic Studios!
Quote from: wsa30h on March 12, 2024, 09:05:55 AMnice work cant wait to play your map. must learn how to make a minimaps for my maps.


Minimaps are, unfortunately, not something for which there is an easy solution. My process involves taking screenshots of the map in Zeroeditor, then taking screenshots in-game, trying to approximately line-up the CPs, then use Adobe Illustrator to create the various objects/outlines/etc. Then spend an inordinate amount of time intricately adjusting them into place. And since Illustrator can't export into TGA the way I need it, I have to export it into PNG, then export it into TGA with Photoshop, each time I make a tweak... The process takes me forever, but I'm very anal about my minimaps looking official-release quality. lol
Well, it's been a minute since I've uploaded something. I thought I had this map done months ago, then after getting sidetracked by other projects, I came back to this and spent another several weeks redoing and refining things in it, and now, I can finally reveal...

Europa: Ground Assault 2.0

This is a complete remake of my third ever map release, which occurred 12/2/2008, a little over fifteen years ago. Good grief that is a long time... Anyway, that original map was made at a time when I still had no idea what I was doing, and hadn't bothered to learn all the things I should have known. That map had a black sky, no low-rez terrain, and didn't even have AI paths... yeesh. But still, I have a lot of nostalgia for my old maps, so along with the remake, I'm also releasing a "fixed" version of the original POS map. See some comparison's below:

The horizon and sky:

The defensive position:

The gun platforms:

And for some addition pictures of the remake map:

I want to add special thanks to my long-time friend Ginev for modeling the ice spires and several of the map props for me!

Also, units:

Clone Minelayer, now with a new concussion rifle model:

Rebel Medic, featuring the restored scatter gun, as well as the bacta gun that now has animated bacta:

Snow Scout:

Imperial Officer, with restored Haywire Grenade:

Also, I have made a lot of the hi-res weapons and tools into functional models for both first and third person, and made sure the "lit" parts show bright on this dark map. The main examples are the fusion cutters:

This map is about 99.99% done, and should be released soon. I also have its sequels, Europa: Bridge and Europa:Caves in 90% done state, and hopefully will be able to release those pretty soon after.
Quote from: Unit 33 on March 09, 2024, 09:47:09 AMI'm going try some more SchMEe. Not sure how to introduce 'new' msh objects for the purposes of kitbashing in SchMEe, but I'm sure it's written down somewhere.

I think the best way to do that would be to build your new mesh onto the existing mesh in blender first, then export only the new mesh (either delete or deselect whatever pre-existing mesh you are going to put this new thing onto), then explode them with SchMEe and put them together that way. You'll need a hex editor to change the PRNT.chunk to make sure it attaches where you want it though.

I haven't tried this myself, so I'm not sure how well it'd work.


Since I'm here, I might as well share some kitbashes of my own:

Also, I don't know what precisely the policy is when it comes to editing other people's assets. Is it basically fine unless they explicitly tell you not to? Case in point here, I put psych0fred's Bothan's head onto a Rebel Hoth trooper:

Quote from: Giftheck on March 03, 2024, 11:47:53 AMHow have I been here this long and been unaware we have a Discord?  :XD:

I didn't think there was one here. I've been waiting the last few days for someone to corroborate this information. lol
Quote from: Giftheck on February 22, 2024, 03:25:48 PMThe code for the console spawn screen is quite different to the PC version. The limit doesn't appear to exist, or at least not as restricted on the console spawn screen.

Man, I hope you're right! I never thought that this could even be a possibility.
Quote from: Giftheck on February 22, 2024, 03:50:00 AMAnd that means goodbye to the 5 unit limit for SWBF1.

This would most certainly be awesome, but I had been under the impression that expanding the unit limit required hacking the .exe. Wouldn't that still apply?
The only Christmas maps I'm familiar with for Battlefront 1 are my own Snowball Fight maps. The latest version can be downloaded here.

For Battlefront 2, Dann Boeing's Christmas in Jinglin' Town is the only one I've really played, albeit briefly.
I guess you're right. I could have sworn I tested vanilla and seen five, but going back in again now, I guess it is only ever is three or sometimes four, depending on the models on screen at the time. I guess I did not realize how few actually do show up.

So I guess getting three of my models to show is a adequate.

Thanks much!