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Word is out that Insignia, an Xbox Live service replacement is going to be online within the next few months. It is a fully functioning Xbox Live service replacement which has really promising potential. At launch, the service will support 13 games! Unfortunately, Star Wars Battlefront is not on that list, but the developers released videos on their channel showing a fully functioning Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer service with Insignia. So, seeing this, I saw the potential for something. There is a really well made BF1 mod for Xbox called Battlefront 1 Expanded. The only problem is, it measures in the gigabytes, which, for most Xbox users, they only have about 3GB of data they can utilize for storing games. In conclusion, I think a community-wide project should start to make a multiplayer friendly Xbox mod which will add all kinds of random maps. We should do this so that players can keep playing with endless variety. We'll have to cut new music, units, and other things to keep the size at around 100-300MB. I also want to make this project interchangable between the vanilla game, and the modded. To do this, we will have to keep all the programming and units the same. The only thing that changes are the mission scripts, and the maps that are added. If we do this, then players who have the mod can play with those who do not without any crashes/compatibility issues. Of course, players of the vanilla game will have problems joining modded games but at least we get new maps and can play with those who do not have them if there are not enough modded players. Doing this will ensure that there are not two factions for one game, those who have the mod, and those who do not. I also understand that QuickLink and OptiLink will be broken if a vanilla player randomly joins a modded server. Of course, we will all just learn to use the good old lobby system. At the least, this mod will add all the Battlefront 2 maps, and some custom maps that people want to contribute to the mod.

I don't have any experience with porting to Xbox so that is why I am making this post. My intention is not to urine anyone off because there really are some great Xbox mods out there but they are in no way multiplayer compatible or small enough to install on most Xbox systems. I don't mean to offend you hard working modders. I get what it feels like to have to water down a project just to appease a few standards but I really think a community project like this will give players the oppurtunity to enjoy some custom maps that they otherwise wouldn't of.

Thanks and God bless. 

There is already a small group of guys making mods for BF2 on Xbox and they aren't going to remove stuff from the game to fit on people's unmodded Xbox. Every one of the Xbox modders has a modded Xbox with an upgraded hard drive and they expect everyone else to as well.
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That is the dilemma because not everyone has that

At this point, modding an Xbox is easier than ever.  At this point, at the very least, you should open the thing up and check your motherboard if it's not a 1.6 and remove the clock capacitor which tends to leak.

There are hundreds of guides out there now and limiting yourself to an unmodded 20 year old game system is not something that should be pushed to the modders.
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