Blender 3.6 Exported Models go to Low-Rez to much

Started by Ty294, November 17, 2023, 08:42:21 PM

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Hey all, so I took up 3D modeling recently (only after 15 years of begging other people to handle modeling issues for me), and I'm having a lot of fun with it. But I do have one issue.

I'm using Blender 3.6 with the SWBF-msh-Blender-IO addon. Works great for weapons and vehicles so far, but there's been a hiccup for character models. I made a few tweaks to some troop models, and the result in-game is that all but one or two of the visible soldier models would go right to low-rez. I have had this sort of thing happen before when using other people's high-poly models, but the ones I was using were not high-poly models, in fact they were slightly modified vanilla models. A couple actually had reduced poly counts from their default form. I then tried just loading an unaltered, default model into Blender, then export it with no changes. That model also caused the troop models to go to low-rez, so obviously it is something to do with the Blender import/export.

I then found there was an export option to "Generate Triangle Strips". Checking this option helps, as it is now up to 3 of the models being visible in high-res. However, I believe there is supposed to be at least 5 in high-res by default. So I'm half-way there, but not all the way there.

Wondering if anyone would know what other else I can try or if there are any settings I need to adjust in order to fix this issue?

Thanks for your time!

for most trooper its only 3 in vanilla
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I guess you're right. I could have sworn I tested vanilla and seen five, but going back in again now, I guess it is only ever is three or sometimes four, depending on the models on screen at the time. I guess I did not realize how few actually do show up.

So I guess getting three of my models to show is a adequate.

Thanks much!