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This is the SWBFGamers Asset Links thread to organize the Released Assets. Hopefully this will keep growing as we pump out more assets :D

How To Release Assets

-Other Sites' Assets Links Threads-
SWBF-Custom Asset Links Thread
Gametoast Asset Links Thread

Commander Neyo
Clean Troopers
Death Trooper
Desert Ghillie Sniper
Geonosis Turret Reskin
Gordan Freeman Assets by Unit 33
Holiday Luke
Holiday Wookie
jdee/barc's First TCW Clone Legion Skin Pack
Muunilinst 10 Phase II Skins
Puggle Wookie
Prettier Rebel Marksman
Sleepkiller's First Skin Pack
Snake from Metal Gear Solid
TCW Sgt Kano
Unit's Empire Legion Assets
Unit's Unit assets. (With added units)
Urban Rebel Soldier
Vader Skin
Younger Palpatine

Sleepkiller's Effects
SWBF2 Effects

-Player Models-
10 Sized SBD
11th Doctor Who
Aayla Secura for SWBF1
Alien Side 3.0
Alien Side 3.5
Arc Jet Trooper
Armoured Musketeer
AT-AT Officer
BF1 Yoda by Phobos Developer
BF1 Yoda by MileHighGuy
Blaine The Scientist
Bloater Santa Zombie
ChainNail Troopers
Dark Trooper without shinyness
EP3 Sniper Twintextured
Force Ghost
General Grievous for SWBF1
Ghost Snipers
Grey Alien
Hellspawn Zombie
i2bros First Order Assets
i2bros First Order Officers (Sergeants and Captains) 3.0
Imperial Scout Commander
Imperial Worker
Light Cold Assault Jet Trooper
OTC Rodians
Phase II Jet
Phase II prototype
Phobos Duros Reskin & Model
Rebel Captain
Republic Commandos By Sereja
Republic Pilot Phase II
Rogue One Main Characters
Sith Species Assets
Shadow Trooper Skins and Models
Snow Trooper with Goggles Down
Storm-Felucia Trooper
SWBF2 BF1 compatible BF2 models
SWBF3 Battle Droids
The Grinch
TFU Clone Trooper Phase II
TFU Imperial Commando
TFU (Wii) Darth Maul
The Force Unleashed Darth Vader
The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper
The Force Unleashed (Wii) Jump Trooper
The Force Unleashed (Wii) Stormtrooper
Tusken Variant v1.0
Urban Rebel Marksman
USA Desert Soldier

-Addon Meshes-
Jetpack Addons
Rebel Jetpack
Spore Jetpack
Star Trek Visor Addon
Various Backpack Addons

-Vehicle Models-
'32 Ford
AH-6 LittleBird
Black Limo
CIS Capsolace
Crab Spider Droid
Discovery One
Driveable Sandcrawler
F117 BlackHawk with Patriotic Skin
Geo fighter with wings
HH-87 Starhopper
Improved CIS Spider
Improved CIS Snail Tank
LA-AT Gunship by Sereja
Luxury Sail Barge
Modified Hovernaut assets
Mark VIII Tank
Psych0fred's Beta Vehicles
Pysch0fred's Misc Projects
Rebel SWBF2 Vehicles
Slave I by Sereja
SM-12 Hornet
Snail Vehicle
T2B Tank
Texas Wedding Limousine
TIE Tank
Tron Light Cycle
Turbo Tank
Umbaran Fighter
Umbaran Tank

12 Gauge Shotgun
A280 Blaster Rifle
AA12 Shotgun by Target
AA12 Shotgun Fixed
Baseball Bat
Carbonite Freeze Gun
Colt Navy Revolver
Chain Sword
CIS Tri-shot Pistol
Cricket Bat
Deployables by MileHighGuy
Detpack for SWBF1
"DH-17" Blaster Rifle
DHV2 Shotgun
Dropturret for SWBF1
FA3 Rifle by RepublicCommando
FA3 Rifle by Sereja
Fixed SBD Cannon
Flame Thrower Assets by Phobos
Flamethrower by Sereja
Gistech's A180
Gistech's A280C
Gistech's DLT-20A
Gistech's E-5C
Gistech's Improved DL-44
Gistech's Improved E-5 Blaster
Gistech's MPL-57 Grenade Launcher and Homing Shot
Gistech's T-21 and T-21B
Gistech's Valken-38 and Valken-38X
Gungan Pistol
i2bros' First Order Z6 Riot Trooper Baton
Jumptrooper Rifle
Kitchen Knife
Komari Vosa Sabers
Lara Croft Gun
LaserCanon2 Gun
Luger Parabellum
P30 Pistol
Poison Gas Gun for SWBF1
Rebel HMG
Rogue One Weapons Pack
Sawed off DC-15X
Sereja's Weapon Pack
Smith & Wesson Revolver
Storm Commando Recon Probe
TESB Valken-38
Tommy Gun
Trandoshan Hunting Rifle
Tron Entity Disc
Umbaran Rifle
Unicorn Gun
Winchester Rifle
Wookie Guns Pack
Zam Sniperrifle

-Prop Models-
A Pillar
Boiler Pipes
BF3 Tatooine Models
Cantina Table & Chair
Converted units and vehicles to props
Custom Bespin Hallway
Custom Trees
Egypt Models
Gun Cabinet
Hoth AT-AT Wall
Monster Wheels Turret
Naboo Lamp Post
Palm Tree Assets
Park bench Model
Planetoid Model
Racing Stadium
Simple Bench Prop
Stop Sign
Tropical Plants
United States Liberty Bell
Yavin Congregational Building
Yield Sign

-Asset Packs & Sources-
SWBF1 Museum Assets
Main Play Mod Assets
Fish Pack by Phobos and Acryptozoo
Tatooine: Defiance at Janus Assets
Pysch0fred's Files
Mando Sides
Snake's Little Asset Pack
Nar Shadda Assets
Otoh Gunga Assets
Polar Express Assets
SWBF Elite Corps Assets (GCW)
Chain Isle Source
RC's Model Pack 3
Ginev's Assets
RC's Misc Assets
The Battle Royale Assets
Hyperion 2: Tunnels Of Death Assets
Rebel SWBF2 Units
Unit's Asset Archive 2.0
Unit's Assets
Tatooine: Uprising Assets
Various ggctuk assets
Hyperion: Ancient Excavations Assets
Unit's 2nd common.lvl Assets
Modern Gun Assets
Earth: Desert Town Assets
Kit Fisto's Low Res Assets
RepublicCommando's Assorted Assets
Clone Wars Assets
Sleepkiller's DataMissions Assets
DataLavaTest Assets
Repulse Super Battle Droid
RancorLand Lava Assets
ApeX Gaming: Ultimate Glitching Mod 2 Assets
Unit's Asset Archive
Ilum: Crystal Canyon Assets
Icemember's Asset Thread
Icemember's Mando New Breed
Bamdur's Models
ApeX Gaming Mod 2.0 Assets
Rogue Clone's Assets
SWBF Renewed CIS Side Source
Tantive IV Conversion Source
Naboo: Province Data Folder

SWB2 Minimaps for SWBF1
Reticules By Unit 33
6th Spawn Button
Sereja's Maps Mission.lvl Update
SWBF2 Animations
Black Lodge Zig Zag Checkerboard Texture
Unit 33's Dalek Voiceovers
Over 100 Star Wars Battlefront I Concept Art and Production Images
SWBF Openspy Setup
SWBF1 Stock Font Character Map TGAs
Mars: Siege v3.0 .lua
Octagon of Death .lua script
SWBF1 .lua scripts
Mars Siege v3.0 .LUA
Ground Textures
Stock Sides
Star Wars Battlefront ifs_pausemenu shell script by Bamdur
Napseeker's GeneralGrievous XSI and OJ
CTF Proof of Concept
Darktrooper Sounds
Unit's Common.lvl Assets

Source Font Assets
The Ultimate .lua
Snake's Ultimate Mod Tools
SleepKiller Interface tool+ifs_pausemenu Builder
ZeroEditor Prompt For Save On Exit Patch
Texture Templates
Targets Local Side Builders
Phobos Developer's 1.2 Side Builders for SWBF1
SWBF1 Modding LVL Builder's Toolbox
MSH Viewer
Free Camera
Battlebelk's Mission.lvl Tool
Battlebelk's IMP Side Builder
Battlebelk's Core.lvl Tool
Battlebelk's Interface Tool
SWBF2 HLSL Shader Toolkit
sleepkiller's swbf_unmunge
sleepkiller's model_edit
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