Requesting Help was:BF2 legacy weapons skins in .msh format

Started by NB20026, November 26, 2016, 01:18:48 AM

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Did you know where are all skins of weapons

They are released in gametoast but they are not .msh files.They are obj so if you are familiar with modeling programs and if you have XSI with the zetools you can export them into msh.

I don't know how can you help me with this ?

Quote from: SpartaninPl on November 26, 2016, 05:17:07 AM
I don't know how can you help me with this ?

Everyone needs a little help every once in a while, and our community is very friendly and will help you out the best that we can.  But keep in mind that the time spent by our advanced modders is like a gift.  They will give you some time to point you in the right direction.  The way to give back is to take as little of their time as is reasonable is to work hard on your own to figure things out.   The way to give back to the community is to release your mod here and help others in the future.

Here is my advice:

  • People are too busy to do large requests for anyone.  The best way to get anything done is to do it yourself.  You will need to read and then read some more.  Start with something simple and increase the complexity as you figure things out.

  • Use a proxy server to get to gametoast or contact them to whitelist your IP.

  • Demonstrate to everyone that you can actually make a mod if you were given something (nothing worse than giving someone detailed instructions, then they say, "ok, what do I do now?  and now?  and how about now?)

  • When you eventually spend your hard earned time and figure something out, write a tutorial on the topic so that the next person with the same problem can read it and it will help them.

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