Creating Shadow Volumes in Blender

Started by WolfyChewbacca, February 18, 2023, 10:13:15 PM

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I am using the "SWBF-msh-Blender-IO" tool from Github. I have been able to export msh with collision pretty well butt I am still trying to figure out shadow volumes. I have imported msh files from the game to look at their shadow volumes. The weird thing is there doesn't appear to be any visible mesh for the shadow volume even though it is unhidden. I move the shadow meshes of the games' files around and it looks like only origin remains. I don't know if this add-on can handle shadow volumes. I tried making a mesh and labeling it "shadowvolume" as pictured. That was how the game files were. I don't see any shadows so I wonder what else I can do.

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It's a known issue, shadowvolumes were tagged in a way that none of the importers can recognise.

Use the lowrez as a basis for the shadowvolume. There is also a trick to doing them for interiors. The faces have to be inverted for the shadows to be cast correctly.
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You would duplicate the mesh and prefix "sv_***"

More info here
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Quote from: Isaac1138 on November 07, 2023, 08:24:36 PMYou would duplicate the mesh and prefix "sv_***"

More info here
The mesh becomes collision. Is there a way to avoid having the 'shadowvolume' become collision?