SWBF2 Modded League

Started by iamastupid, July 01, 2017, 03:07:45 PM

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In addition to BF2 Legacy Event a second smaller League is due to take place end of July/August, towards the end of the current league. This tournament is entirely organised by Lonely Dragon Studios (Myself) and will follow roughly the same set-up and rules of this previous tournament by AsLan, with 1 major difference, that being it will be a MODDED league, by this we mean mod maps, no modded eras are planned atm. We will basically be having a comp league on the community's best maps. If you're interested please check out: https://discord.gg/88PtY6g for more info.
Or message me and I will eventually respond  :D

The event will also include exclusive maps, for example: the FRD Battlefront III Tatooine map conversion by myself, Coruscant Imperial Palace by pdalmao and probably 2 others.