LOADSSSS of requesttsss (and others can ask 2)

Started by Darth Verik, January 20, 2010, 09:02:24 AM

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1. A big villa,
5 Cp's (only Reb/Emp, Emp will have jedi skins to make them look normal people. Or use the commando skin)
One Cp will start at the front of the house, use the gate from Naboo, then you come into a big garden were are 2 speeders at the garage.
Then in the study room/book room (maybe Corus1). Is a other Cp this is the second Cp.
3th Cp will be in the middle of the house what is a big hallway (can also be used from Corus map).
4th map will be in the upper room Bots can go upstairs 2!!! (if seen maps were they cant get to the second floor (naboo).
And the last Cp will be at the backdoor were is a sort of statue standing (like in the Rltc map of CC) There the bots will spawn surrounding them.

Map Idea 2:
A training ground..
This map is exuly very simple it will have a great gate around the map and inside it there will be a lot of opstacles like blocks and other stuff

Maybe fun to use on both sides the rebel skins but then whit only a diverend color on it like one it red and the other yellow
More map request might come please read this and tell if it can be done and if it will be done
Many thx V

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