Fix for Networking Error on SWBF2 PS2 (Multiplayer Patch)

Started by ThePlushieZone, June 10, 2021, 08:46:38 PM

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Hello, I made this post to inform others about an error which is caused by using the PS2 BF2 Multiplayer patch by AnthonyBF2. For some reason, the DNAS does not authenticate for some users so this patch makes it possible for them to play online. Toady, I have just discovered that if you keep the old network configuration with the DNS server added, it may slow down your game and in my case, stop you from being able to join servers. The easy way to fix this is to create a new network slot and just let it configure from your ethernet. Simple as that. Just make sure you don't add the DNS and you will be able to play online again. Note: this only affects people with the patch, if you can still authenticate, you should be able to play online with the DNS setting.


The patched ISOs that I prepared don't require manual DNS and the DNAS was removed. All you have to do is load those ISOs I made and make a new network configuration file as you would normally as if Gamespy still existed.
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