Realm of Chaos (XBOX port) available now...

Started by BAD_AL, February 11, 2021, 09:59:31 AM

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YouTube Release trailer

GT thread:

Download here:

This is a DLC Installer that has been modified to install the Realm of chaos Custom Map (+Sides mod) for Star Wars Battlefront II on Xbox.
These installers were originally supplied by Harcroft and Amygrrl, the installer's modifications were performed by BAD_AL.

Original Content:
Dann Boeing, Pandemic, LucasArts

Xbox Port:

Side mod additions (Chaos dudes also playable) on:
  • Bespin (Conquest)
  • Death Star (1 flag ctf)
  • Geonosis (Conquest)
  • Hoth (Conquest)

With special thanks to AnthonyBF2, Teancum and Shaymin for sharing Xbox/console modding know-how.

PC Release (GameFront)

SWBFII console modding wiki: