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General / Dealing with identity trolls
October 24, 2021, 04:20:19 PM
Recently I have dealt with online trolls pretending to be me on other platforms such as Telegram.
I am making this announcement to clarify I am NOT using Telegram. If you see or are contacted by anyone using "AnthonyBF2" with my real name and picture, do not respond.
Please report them for me and block them if you wish.
Apart from my alias, real name, and real picture being stolen by such trolls, they are also pretending to create mod project servers that mimmick my project servers.
I want to clarify: My projects are ONLY available on Discord and my real project server is here:
If you see ANY other groups on other platforms with such name, pictures, and purposes .... THEY ARE FAKE. Please report them for me and block them if you wish.
if you are invited to any similar group on another platform, DO NOT JOIN - it's fake. Just ignore it and report it if you feel like it.

Below is a list of real accounts/platforms that I actually own and use (the real me):
Steam -
Discord - AnthonyBF2#9350
Moddb -
Reddit -
And of course I am here on Gametoast and SWBFgamers.

I do NOT have a public presence on ANY other social/gaming platform so please be wary of fakes on anything outside of the list I wrote above.
You don't need to respond to this message, just read it and be alert. I thank you for your time!
I got demo mode working in BF2, specifically the PSP version but it should be possible in other versions, I haven't tried them yet.

What I did:

- Unmunged shell.lvl from the Battlefront 2 PS2 beta
- Took ifs_start.script (munged chunk)
- Used the recovered ifs_start.script in my Battlefront 2 PSP shell
- Wait on the "press start" screen for about a minute and a half

Here is a video I made:

Here is the single munged script if others want to tinker with it:
Other Games / GTA V is free on Epic games
May 16, 2020, 06:41:41 PM
I don't know how long it will last, but GTA V is currently free on Epic games store, if anyone cares.

[spoiler]If you are not using a solid state drive... have fun cooking dinner while the game loads :sleep:[/spoiler]

Edit: I already have it on Steam. It's a great game for single player, but I've never played online, because most of the reviews were bad. Lots of people were complaining about hackers, modders, insane grinding, expensive DLC, slow loading, etc.
For Battlefront 2 on PS2, we can now play splitscreen online!

How it works:

You plug two controllers into your PS2. You select splitscreen as you normally would. Once both players have chosen their profile, the main player presses start, as usual. Now this is where the mod happens. Instead of jumping to the instant action menu, it instead jumps to the "LAN or Internet" menu. From there, the main player will connect online and pick a server, as usual.

Once it loads, there will be splitscreen with two players, but you will be online!

Both players can play just fine but there are some bugs:
- Player 2 does not have a name.
- Player 2 does not appear in the player list.
- Player 2 does not appear in the server manager.
- Both player 1 and player 2 cannot see "admin" messages.

Here are some screenshots:

I tried the same mod for Battlefront 1 but it does not work. Player 1 can play normally but player 2 gets hung at the opening satellite shot.

I would like for an admin to leave a comment here and say if it would be okay for me to share the download link for the ISO.

Greetings everyone, here I am to announce the release of the first mod for Battlefront 1 on PS2.

This mod includes the following changes:
- Bothan Spy for Rebel Alliance on most Galactic Civil War era maps.
  This class includes some sort of blaster rifle, a disguise kit, and time bombs.

- Imperial Officer for the Empire on most Galactic Civil War era maps.
  This class includes a blaster pistol, orbital strike, and a health & ammo dispenser.

- All teams on all maps have equal 250 reinforcements.
- First person viewpoint removed, to help avoid memory limits.
- SWBFspy multiplayer patch + no DNAS patch.
- New classes are not added to historical missions, only instant action.

Maps where the new classes are NOT available:
- Hoth
- Cloud City
Reason: Memory limits.

- Bothan Spy blaster rifle has no sounds.
- Playing on Hoth may randomly crash and restart the game.
- Game will crash if you're playing online with unmodded players, due to mismatch content.
  Multiplayer works, but all players must be using the modded game together at the same time.

ISO Link:

To play this mod, you need a hacked PS2 or a computer/phone strong enough to run the PCSX2 emulator. Your CPU should have a single thread rating of at least 2000 for good performance on BF1/BF2.

Future goals for this mod: More vehicles, more characters, new maps, and optimization of existing sides & maps, pull more content from the demo version.

Many Bothans died to bring us this mod, so we hope you enjoy it.

Do not discuss console hacking or piracy on this forum, Google is your friend in this situation.
So I've been collecting and tinkering with the demos and betas recently and the Battlefront 1 demo on PS2 intrigues me the most. It appears there is a fully functioning Bothan Spy with a fully functional disguise kit. There is the gray Imperial Officer with an awesome bottom orbital strike weapon.

I've taken the only featured map, Endor, and converted it into a basic empty level, so that I can load more stuff without hitting the memory limits.

Here is some screenshots:

The files also show that the Tatooine land speeder and the Hovernaut exists but I haven't tested them yet. I will test them later and if they work, I will try modding the official BF1 game to include these vehicles and characters.
Released Assets / Recovered Beta/Demo Textures
October 10, 2019, 11:59:41 PM
Over time, I have collected the LVL files from betas & demos for BF1/BF2 from Xbox, PC, and PS2. I've used SleepKiller's awesome unmunge tool to rip those LVL files so that I could examine them for many different reasons.
Throughout the files, I've found many cool textures. These include, but not limited to, completely new load screens, new menu backgrounds, different versions of textures we have access to, and higher definition versions of textures that we already have. Not every texture in this pack may be new or different, as I am no familiar with everything, so you may ignore or throw away what you don't like or need, but I do think people will find cool stuff in here.

Some friends and I worked together to find the really old Battlefront 2 PC Beta.

First, download and install it:

Once it is installed, browse to the LucasArts folder and to the Battlefront II Beta folder. You need to take common.lvl and shell.lvl from _LVL_PC and bring them into your hex editor app.
Common and Shell both feature two instances of the text string gPCBetaBuild - You need to overwrite something over all instances of gPCBetaBuild, whatever you want. I wrote gPCLegoBuild.

You needed to apply those edits because the beta was originally online-only but in the modern day, GameSpy is dead so that's impossible and the singleplayer menu tab would have been dimmed out.
Making those edits I explained above will allow all of the menu buttons to be available. Now the game still isn't fully playable and may not ever be. Once you're on the main menu you need to create an online session and choose LAN. From here you can pick your maps & settings. The beta only features Utapau, Tantive, and Space Yavin. The map files don't exist for any of the other levels.

You may only play using LAN as a host. Trying to play singleplayer results in the map ending as soon as it begins. You can't play using the internet option either because you'll get knocked offline with the "host register failed" message. I tried to apply the SWBFspy mod to the game exe and still got the same results.

There really isn't much that's different about the Beta compared to the original game. Menu textures are different. Menu items function differently, you need to use the arrow pad on your keyboard to change settings because there is no sliders. During gameplay I noticed that AI are using grenades a lot. I tested some admin commands like /changemap and /restart and they didn't work.

I am posting this just because I think it's cool to have.

Credits for helping find it: Teancum, Eyes Only, Michael.
General / 2005 Battlefront 2 is now available on Origin
December 21, 2018, 12:58:12 AM
2005 Battlefront II appears to now be on Origin, currently priced at $4 at the time of writing this message. I have tested and confirmed that the Origin version is using the old Gamespy protocols for multiplayer, which of course, doesn't exist anymore. Installing the SWBFspy fix allows the Origin version to get online. This would also mean that modders would need to use the old 1.3 r129 patch instead of the new 1.3 r129 patch fit for Steam & GOG. The rest of the game appears to be the same as always.
SWBF1 Modding / Movie file names
December 19, 2018, 03:06:21 AM
Hey I am wondering, what are the individual video names inside of the MVS files? I need to work with the BF1 video files but don't know what the internal video names are to call them in-game.

I searched through all of the BF1 lua files but could only find a few references to shell movies. I need all of the movie names for campaigns intros & outros.

Greetings. I am working on my own swbf1 to swbf2 conversions for psp/ps2 and I would like the world lighting to match what they are in swbf1.

In the swbf2 mod tools, all maps have a ".lgt" file where light settings go but I cannot find this in the swbf1 assets.

Any solutions besides copying light data from original swbf2 maps?
When I click join in SWBF2 the game freezes for about a minute then loads 0% servers. I am using the host file entries rather than a modified game exe.
SWBF1 Modding / Can't use BF Builder Pro
April 28, 2017, 09:04:28 AM
I would like to use the SWBF1 mod tools for a few things but cannot. I run BF Builder Pro, load mod1 or mod1 and I get an error message. If I run munge.bat in mod1 or mod2 nothing happens. So at this point I've given up hoping someone else has knows what to do. A picture is attached below showing the error that occurs when opening mod1 or mod1 in the BF Builder Pro application.

I am using Windows 7 64-bit. I have BFBuilder folder located just inside C drive.
I've recently starting modding on the PS2 for SWBF2. So far so good. Bespin: Platforms has been converted and is at 100% and Bespin: Cloud City is on the way.

Apart from SWBF1 conversions, I'll be adding lots of new heroes and vehicles. Smaller plans include optimizing the game for best graphics / performance but there is no progress on that yet.

No releases will be soon but I am open to private beta testers (PM me if you want in)

First Video:
So I picked up a PS2 again with SWFB2 because I just love and miss it. For now I don't have a tv to use it with. I need to know is there anyway to play it and use my laptop as a screen. I have a piece of hardware that connects red/white/yellow to VGA but am not sure if that's what I need, or how to use it. Is there any software that can tell the computer get input from the VGA port? I really don't want to have to get a tv because in my current living situation it will be a hassle. I have no room for it.
Normally you cannot play in windowed mode on GameRanger for SWBF2 and this made me sad and mad, so I decided to do something about it. I made a small program in AutoIT 3 to fix this and I want to share it because I have to think many people like window mode.

Using the tool is very simple. You first download it, rename it to "swbf2sm.exe" and place it the game's GameData folder. You then need to tell GameRanger to look for this. When you click the Join button in a room, GameRanger will launch this tool. You then just click the launch SWBF2 button on the tool and play.

Source code is included.
Greetings everyone. If you play SWBF2 in multiplayer in the last year you've probably seen people using a cheat that allows them to switch characters at any time they desire. This cheat is more common in hero assault but is possible in the whole game. This cheat has become rampant in some situations, hero assault mostly, and has on occasion ruined good times. An official patch has been made that prevents this cheat 100% and you can get that patch here. Credits to the patch goes to {VA}Jake and the clan VA in general for creating tons of other awesome SWBF2 server patches in the past.

This tool is intended only for admins who run a PC dedicated v1.1 server. This tool is not made for the client side of the game, server only. When the tool is applied to the server, all players in the server are then prevented from using the cheat.

First you need to start the server and make sure that it is running as normal. Then run the patch tool and activate it. From that point on the server should be protected. If you're hosting a server and playing the game from the same computer you will need to start the server first, start the patch tool and then start your game.

It is recommended that everyone shares this with all of their friends so that anyone who has ran a server or may intend to is prepared with the tool.

You can download the tool below by clicking the icon that looks like a paper clip.
General / Has anyone used this shopping website?
July 17, 2016, 10:41:14 PM
Miniinthebox is currently having a sale on official Sony brand PSP batteries and I need some bad, but I'd never heard of this website. I did research and I found more negative things than positive things. I want to ask has anyone here used this site, how was your experience?

This is the current item I am looking at. I am greatly considering this because official Sony batteries are becoming rare, and the cheap aftermarket batteries are really terrible, but all the negative feedback is scary so I am unsure.
I'd like to make a few smallish mods for SWBF1 for personal use and am way behind on the modding scene for the game. I'd just like a general push on updated tools/tutorials.

Thanks.  :P

Edit: I remember in the past trying to remunge the stock sides and using them crashed on maps like Hoth. I never figured this out and it would be sweet if possible to fix.

The user is posting modded files to allow cheating in SWBF2 multiplayer. It would be great if we can all report the post, the user, and the download link on each of the sites he's posted the files on. One of the links has already been removed.


Edit by Anyder: There is no need to insult people...