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General / Re: Memories on the Battlefront
August 27, 2023, 05:57:14 PM
Surprised I haven't left my own sentiments about this game earlier.

I played from mid-2010 up until around 2015. Met a bunch of people (some I'm still friends with to this day in fact), and even miss quite a few folks, many of whom I never saw again once XFire went down even. I used to run (TGM), allied with [DX] Clan, then me and several members (Dark, ShaZam, and Jennifer) created a clan which went through several name changes, before ShaZam and I formed Army of Two. After that, I joined Alpha Clan in 2012, moving through the ranks before becoming a General. I then retired and became Veteran by 2015.

Though regarding XFire, there's a small community looking to run the old client again (several of whom are actually from the SWRC community in fact.) The client is working (albeit, in a barely functioning state), but if you guys are interested, check out the site:

Other Games / Contractors VR has SWBF maps!
November 22, 2022, 12:18:33 PM
Hey all, it's been a while :D

I just wanted to mention (in case nobody has heard), that Contractors VR, a VR shooter, now has a GameMode mod called "Clone Wars Mod". The mod, made by noeneubanks, allows players to use classes and adjust loadouts based on those from SWBF2017, but the real kicker is that the maps available are all from SWBF1 and 2! There's even Giftheck's Invisible Hand mod map on there as well!

Currently (as the name implies) it only has Clone Wars sides, but the creator plans to make/add a GCW mod sometime soon.

Anyways, just figured I'd post about it here, and here's a vid from a YouTuber I watch about the whole mod:

Hope to potentially see you guys on there!  :cheer:
Hey, it's me again, long time no see! :D

Anyways, for those unaware, you might recall there was a group of guys years back that wanted to create a F2P, SWBF2-style shooter while EA had some issues with their EA SWBF titles back then. As you might also recall, the game effectively got slammed by Disney, and the developers ended up giving up on the Star Wars aspect of it.

Suffice to say, it's taken them several years, but they have finally pushed their vision of a modern, sci-fi, SWBF2-style shooter into Early Access!

Granted, the game looks much different from Star Wars (with a lot of sci-fi lore that needs to be explained) and is quite buggy (it's a tech demo effectively at the moment), but gameplay-wise it plays very closely to how SWBF2's gameplay feels. It definitely needs lots of polish, but they are looking for feedback, and for what they have at the moment it is at least playable to an extent, even if there are some sound bugs and some server latency in some areas. Plus, it's FREE!

Anyways, I'll drop a Steam link here in case anyone wants to check it out!

(NOTE: I am not sponsored by Frontwire, but I felt like sharing this with ya guys anyway! :D)
Wow, I came back to view the site and found this thread!

Hard to believe the game is truly over 15 years old now. Granted, I didn't start playing online until August of 2010, but it's amazing and kind of crazy to think of that.

I remember some of my first days in SWBF were spent playing on the old PLA CloudCity servers, back when FD, Wusi, 212th, and even the old RIP clan were around. I even remember spending hours upon hours playing in the Invincible servers, discovering glitches with robot, a super cool dude who showed me the behind-the-scenes of SWBF maps and such.

Ah man, so many fond memories I could list, but never enough time to do so.

Anyways, happy 15 years to SWBF!
Hey, what a coincidence!

I just so happened to get this game last night on my PS4 (because $8 price for PS Plus users), and awoke to another download this morning, which was this new update!  (100GB base game download... oof)

Anyways, only played one round of Capital Supremacy on Geonosis thus far, but from what I'm seeing this is definitely shaping up to be a great game! Droideka's felt fine for me (being on the receiving end of those blaster bolts), but seeing as I'm out of shape with the franchise, everything feels nice! Again, haven't played much, but from what I've seen of the new content for this update, it all looks awesome!

(Didn't mean to twist the topic (if I did), but still enjoying the game and new update! :D
General / Re: What is your favorite Car Company?
August 23, 2017, 11:58:21 AM
Quote from: Shaking_Sniper on August 23, 2017, 10:01:26 AM
Don't put your hopes up high for the Veloster, It's all show, no go...
And I didn't know the Stinger GT got greenlit! It's probably gonna be far from the show concept.
Wierd thing is my dad is currently playing Gran Turismo 5 right next to me.

Hehe, I already know the Veloster is no true hot hatch, but I do like the idea of practical yet sporty (I already bought myself a 7th gen Toyota Celica GT-S liftback).
But yeah, that photo though is the production model. It got greenlit several months back, and is due out this December. :)
Also, speaking of GT, I've had the new GT Sport game on pre-order since last Christmas (was essentially my big Christmas gift that never came). From what I've seen of the gameplay though, and about the mention of the tournaments being governed by the FIA, I can't wait for that game to be released! :D
General / Re: We got many car lovers here?
August 21, 2017, 04:51:07 PM
So, figured I'd update yas on the Celica:

We took it to the dealer, they gave it a look over, came back with $2500 in parts and labor for an estimate. Though through what I believe was divine intervention, my dad bumped into one of my uncle's the same day he got the estimate. He's a retired mechanic with around 40+ yrs of wrenching experience, he gave the list a lookover, said he could get it all fixed up for $950. So, we took it to a friend of my uncles who owns a lift, and about 10hrs of labor later, we got the rear brakes (rotors and calipers), parking brake shoes, stabilizer links (on all 4 corners), Mass Air Flow Sensor, and blower resistor all repaired. We also did an oil change and put a new cabin air filter in her as well while we were at it.

After that, we got the exhaust fixed up (needed a new bit of piping) at the local muffler shop,  and replaced the rear hatch supports  (my first bit of wrenching on my own car!) Used two 9-piece wrench sets I bought (both SAE and Metric, also my first tools as a soon-to-be mechanic), and my dad's socket wrench tool kit.

Did the emissions test today, turns out the issue was the catalytic converter. So, due to this, we got a pass on condition: We've got basically 1 year's grace to find a catalytic converter at a wrecker's to replace the failing one on the car currently. So, 50% on the way to being fully road legal, just need to have the dealer do a final safety inspection to approve of the repairs, but otherwise, she's shaping up. ;)
General / Re: We got many car lovers here?
August 04, 2017, 04:51:22 AM
Quote from: Helios on August 03, 2017, 06:53:13 PM
Sweet first ride ;) going to be purchasing my first very soon. I was thinking along the lines of a used Ford Escape or a Jeep. Im jealous of yours man, shes a beauty
Hehe, thanks :)

My honest opinion though, don't go for a Jeep. FCA's products don't exactly have the highest reliability record as of right now, though if you're planning on a Wrangler I've got no complaints there, just stay away from their crossovers or SUV's. Ford's aren't too bad though, and I'd say between the two you'll get more miles outta the Escape, or less work needed to maintain them.
General / Re: We got many car lovers here?
August 03, 2017, 06:42:01 PM
Quote from: Drunken_Master on August 03, 2017, 02:56:36 PM
Yup, they called it a mid-mount engine which resulted in a very low center of gravity for such a tall vehicle.  With the 18" rims and low profile tires, cornering is surprisingly tight!  Bumps are REALLY uncomfortable tho.

Similar handling to my Celica it seems. Granted mine is lowered on Koni suspension and shocks, but even with the summer slicks that have some extreme tread wear, she tackles corners like she's on rails. As a side effect, lowered ride height and stiffened shocks means you feel the bumps.

I admit though, not all is perfect with her. I could go into detail, but I figure I might bore ya with the stuff wrong with it. I'll just leave at this: short ram intake + check engine light = not going to pass emissions testing.
General / Re: We got many car lovers here?
August 03, 2017, 01:56:20 PM
Quote from: Davenport on August 03, 2017, 11:58:50 AM
And I present my 1973 Ford Ranchero, Squire model!

This is the latest picture I have of it, from about a year ago when I had to tow it home from my uncle's garage.
It's been broken down for close to 2 years, I was driving down the interstate when a bearing around the piston spun loose, causing oil not to get to two of the pistons properly and after a few minutes the bearing exploded, sending metal shards all over the block and causing the engine to lock up. We've very recently gotten the engine all taken apart, but we're still looking for a machine shop to get the block cleaned up for us. I'm hoping one day to get this car back to being a weekend driver as a Resto-Mod, but that's going to be a while.

My current drive is a 2005 Mustang GT in a dark Tan color. The car technically belongs to my father but the way he talks, I think he plans on transferring it to me when I move out.
Sweet ride man! Shame to hear about the block blowing up like that though. Currently in the midst of making my Celica fully road-legal actually. We're getting a new set of tires put on her tomorrow, and then next Tuesday taking her to the Toyota dealership in-town (which happens to be the first Canadian Toyota dealership in the country), to see what she needs for safety and possibly emissions testing.

As for the Mustang GT, is it an auto or manual? Just curious. ;)

Quote from: Drunken_Master on August 03, 2017, 01:21:59 PM
A twincharged Previa LOL.  :D  Hmmm.    I think there IS enough room!   :o  OK a quick search finds that people are TOY-ota-ING with the idea.  I'll put twincharging on the wish list!   :moo:
Hehe, glad to see I could be of some advice. I knew the Previas had a weird setup, with the engine in the back and the supercharger up-front (or at least the JDM models did), but I wasn't sure if you could cram the turbo up there with it or not. :P
General / Re: We got many car lovers here?
August 03, 2017, 10:06:23 AM
Quote from: Drunken_Master on August 03, 2017, 09:47:45 AM
Suhweet ride!   :tu:

2002 GMC Yukon Denali XL
1979 MG B
1976 Chevy Monte Carlo in candly apple red
1991 & 1992 Toyota Previas. Parts I have to add to the 92:  new drilled vented brake hubs, 18" arelli assasin rims, super charger, intercooler, new pistons, etc etc.  I think I'll switch the SC to turbo. If you ask why, search for "drift race previa"
Nice assortment, and Candy Apple Red always looks good cars. ;)

Also, did not know a Previa could drift like that! I see why ya would go to a turbo. Crazy thought, couldn't you "twin-charge" it with the supercharger and turbo? Or would that be too many parts and not enough space? :P
General / Re: We got many car lovers here?
August 03, 2017, 08:34:38 AM
Quote from: Led on August 03, 2017, 07:42:58 AM
Well you need to at least tell us what you have :)
Very well, I present to you, my first car, a 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S in Spectra Blue. :)

General / We got many car lovers here?
August 03, 2017, 07:01:17 AM
Hi guys,

Just felt like posting this since I myself bought a car recently. Still working on getting her fully road-legal, and since I now enter the realm of car ownership, wouldn't mind connecting with some of yas who have cars/are knowledgeable about cars. Perhaps we can at a later point rename this "The Car Thread" and talk about cars in general? Just a thought. :P

Will also post photos of my new ride if requested. ;)

SWBF1 will run fine on Windows 10, having issues with SWBF2 however. The game will boot up, however whenever trying to play a map, the game will never load and simply black screen, preventing the use of Task Manager to effectively close the application, thereby forcing the user to restart the system.

Do note however that this is the CD copy, and my rig uses a Ryzen 7 CPU, so it could be an optimization issue on my end.
Much as I'd love to watch those races, my timing prevents me from doing so. Plus, I always would prefer if I did the driving in motor sports, than simply being a spectator.

*is still waiting for GT Sport, as he pre-ordered it last Christmas*