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Upgrade to Windows 7.
There is already a small group of guys making mods for BF2 on Xbox and they aren't going to remove stuff from the game to fit on people's unmodded Xbox. Every one of the Xbox modders has a modded Xbox with an upgraded hard drive and they expect everyone else to as well.
You have to learn to mod and produce a new copy of the "SIDE" files with your new ODFs.
You'll have to mod the game, you have two methods of making the heroes die like soldiers:

1) In each character ODF file, add FleeLikeAHero = 0


2) In each mission script, after ScriptPostLoad() add this command and repeat the command for each ODF class name

SetClassProperty("rep_inf_example_trooper_name", "FleeLikeAHero", "0")
I just tested BF2 on Steam and the window name is "Star Wars Battlefront II"
Released Assets / Re: Health/Ammo Pack Spawner
April 05, 2022, 02:48:31 PM
I have tested this in Battlefront 2 and confirm it works with stock powerups as well as characters! You can spawn any character and they will be friendly for whatever team owns that vehicle spawn. They don't seem to have a goal, during my tests, they ignored flags and CPs and just went around killing. When they died, they successfully respawned after the vehicle respawn timer counts down. They also obeyed the follow command. Lastly, it works with any character, as long as that character is loaded into the mission script.
General / Re: Under bombardment.
March 08, 2022, 05:01:45 AM
Quote from: Sereja on March 07, 2022, 01:28:04 PMHi guys, I guess you're all already aware, about new russian invasion in my country. I happy to inform you, I am still alive, and successfully survived after few bombardment. Actually my home city of Odessa, still stay free and almost undamaged. I guess our big fight for the city still ahead. :mf: 
 I guess it's could be really sad, if such nice modder as me, losts head in this mess, so I wil try to be carefull as I can.
 Best wishes guys, and hope someday we may back to tests new maps! ;)

You should get married to someone inside the United States - easy citizenship, then buy a bunch of guns :)
SWBF2 Modding / Re: binkw32.dll error
March 04, 2022, 02:42:07 PM
The BF2 Mod Tools EXE is not the actual mod tools. That's just the debugger version of the game which is just partof the mod tools. You can find a no-CD cracked version on Gametoast somewhere.
Custom GC content requires a hell of a lot of scripting work but you're better off asking on Gametoast, that is where all the hardcore BF2 modders are located.
The last thing I can think of is to lower the health of selected classes to 0. This will cause those classes to just die as soon as they spawn, however this will eat away at the reinforcements. You might have to come up with some sort of script to prevent AI reinforcement drain from insta-deaths, then get that script into the game via custom user script (1.3/1.5 docs).

Example code:
SetClassProperty("all_inf_sniper", "MaxHealth", "0")
There are no functions that control AI points to unlock, they can use any class at any time.

The v1.3 r129 and v1.5 R2 mod both come with custom user script instructions to inject code into the game that can load the buttons. Actually making a button script is something else, too much for me to rememember off the top of my head.

Next, AddUnitClass only does one thing - add a unit class to a team, example AddUnitClass(1, "imp_hero_darthvader") would add Darth Vader to the heroes team in hero assault mode. Team index is always 1 and 2, or ATT and DEF, or CIS/REP and IMP/ALL. You can use either of them, I always use 1 and 2 since they are easier to remember.

The only way you are going to control AI counts per class is to create a new mission.lvl and edit every single mission script to set the min/max to 0. You cannot edit setup_teams variables using random crap like AddUnitClass("teamIndex", "1", "rep_inf_ep3_sniper", "minUnits", "1", "maxUnits", "1").
You have to edit the code inside setup_teams inside every mission script.

I really can't care to help further, I have little to no time and energy these days.
I best recommend joining the Gametoast Discord and asking for help in the scripting help subchannel.
the easiest way is to just make buttons that apply a really high PointsToUnlock value, something no one will reach like 250000 points.

Example: SetClassProperty("all_inf_sniper", "PointsToUnlock", "250000")
SWBF2 Modding / Re: Problems with Invisible Meshes
January 01, 2022, 12:58:43 PM
The rebel assault trooper needs new animations that include flying animations.
The red guard's weapon not showing up might be because the asset was not included.
The cape is white because the texture is missing, probably also not included by the person who released it.
The holocron models and textures only exist on a few maps so in any map that looks for it but doesn't find it = crash.
The only way you can host a server for Steam and Galaxy players, is to have the game on Galaxy + with the new community server program.

You can only use the original server manager on Gamespy/SWBFspy. You can convert your Steam game into the SWBFspy version but I'm totally unfamiliar with it. There should be appropriate information somewhere on this site.

And make sure you have the appropriate v1.5 r2 mod, because the wrong one will mess up shell.lvl which includes scripts that make either multiplayer work properly.

I hope this clears everything up.