Started by {AR}MetalKiller, August 25, 2022, 03:34:44 AM

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Hello there,

I would like to present my first and last mod map. The map is called "ALDERAAN: CASTLE". It was initially planned as a TDM map for close combat, but soon got too big. So it became a conquest map (which is also playable with AI).

I wanted to plant more trees to fit the theme of Alderaan, but there are too many props placed already  :confused: .
So it is only a little castle in the mountain regions.

The minimap is not pixel-perfect, but I think it is acceptable.
There are 2 areas with multiple layers, which are highlighted orange and yellow on the minimap, I hope that it is not too confusing. Also, I added some topology to the minimap. What's your opinion on that?

I hid away 10 gargoyles, so you might have some motivation to explore the map beyond the playable areas ;). Who can find them all?

The map is quite large with ~30MB. It is probably the amount of objects used on the map.
Download Link: You cannot view this attachment.


Some notable issues:
  • Flickering objects from a far distance.
  • Clipping errors on the stairs with the two gargoyles
  • AI might have problems in the area of the tomb and the barracks, since they overlap. However, they should not get stuck permanently.

Find some impressions attached.

it is possible to reduce the flickering significantly by using model edit. model edit fools the game into think the objects are lower poly than they are.
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So happy to see you sharing your modmaps!  :cheers:
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This is just another Rhen Var!
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You got me :) I thought nobody would notice :p


just some minor fixes to the map:

- Added/Moved barriers for better AI pathfinding
- Added some walls which allowed to get inside objects or under the map
- Reduced bleed (2 CPs are enough to stop bleed)
- Rebalanced unit selection (fewer snipers)
- Minor changes to the minimap


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