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it all depends what kind of router your using (if any)
One thing to really consider before doing anything like that, is many sites don't allow people to advertise other websites on there own. Its quite rude really to go to a site like gametoast who does modding for the SW series (even if its mostly SWBF2) and try to take its user base.... building a community is very hard really, it takes alot of time, dedication, and money to keep this site up and running from the very Start Zak, Weili, Jedikiller and Buckler put in more hours then some of us have even played SWBF to make this community what it is.

And I wouldn't like it if someone came here saying "come check out this other great SW modding site" its a slight to the community and the people who built it.

Getting mods out there for other people to enjoy is great, and generally speaking most Modders do it well enough themselves and if they can't they find someone who can help them.

Realistically advertisements will help very little, swbfgamers already has over 50% of the community for all of SWBF1 in any community having that much of the userbase on the site is huge, so it means swbfgamers is already doing it right and people find this place via word of mouth, google, and maybe a couple from a readme file in a mod.

Videos can be great....i personally love watching commentators and gameplay videos for other games and wouldn't mind seeing some for SWBF.
Videos and Screen Shots / Re: Funny SWBF1 pics
November 11, 2012, 03:03:08 PM

3 of these are humans, can you spot the real players?
Ah well would have been nice if xfire allowed for a backdoor into the servers.

Still this DC being connected to the masterserver is strange to me guess its just the way the process it.
If you can figure out how Xfire does its "join from xfire" portion....especially if it allows you to join servers you've bookmarked then likely a script could be made to join any server thats set up....if we can figure that out.
I hate to say it, but they won't sell you it in a way you could possibly use it.

Putting up a Masterserver for SWBF could possibly be quite easy (with the proper files) but the real problem is.....they can't give you access to gamespy servers. (And you need that to make it work)

And they can't give you control over gamespy connections (login before playing from server list)

And if you tried to use any server other then the gamespy server you'll fail because you have no way to change what masterserver SWBF looks for without truly editing the core files. something that can't likely be done correctly without the source files for SWBF.

....Even if you manage it, if it ends up too complicated....and it would realistically you'll have those 10/20 dedicated people sure but the community that was on the pc servers would be gone in a matter of months due to lack of activity.

What i'd keep using Tunngle, Gameranger (that works for PC's now right?) and Direct Connections. Advertise lots.

The mac community never had servers outside of DCs and it managed to stay alive for quite a while :) also complaining to Glu can't hurt.
Videos and Screen Shots / Re: Funny SWBF1 pics
November 07, 2012, 09:42:59 PM
While it did contain the key I never tried placing a pc key into the mac CD key file...
My conclusion after coming to this problem was mainly that the PC version and Mac version store the files in different locations thus even if i had used a PC key in the Mac version the gamespy server still would not have found it.

Mac version stores the key inside a text file in the resource folder.
PC version stores the key i can only guess inside the CDKey.exe

Another problem may have been that if the CD Key had not been long enough the mac version may not have started as it would have thought (correctly) that it was a false key. Tho i can't remember if the mac version had a lock on the start up of the game.

I can no longer run the mac version so testing is...not easy.
Quote from: SleepKiller on October 28, 2012, 03:47:47 PM
Oh well that is slightly less interesting to me since I was aware of the port for a while now. I was even the one that gave you a link to it. I was thinking you were connecting via your native OSX application.

I know this is an older topic but i just wanted to point out that sadly, even tho back in the day i managed to get the gamespy server working on the mac client, it was still pointless as the CD Key for the Mac version is not allowed by the gamespy server (Its actually 5 characters longer then the PC version keys)

So it was impossible to join any games.

General / Re: Can't See Server or load Gamespy?
November 07, 2012, 01:54:55 PM - it wasn't a planned outage so likely they didn't choose to shut down the SWBF service. as i understand Glu now owns the gamespy servers so who knows how long it'll take to fix.
General / Re: Does LucasArts know about us?
November 06, 2012, 10:07:27 PM
Psychofred was the modder that made Chainisle if i remember right, and ether he was a developer for pandemic or he worked with a few honestly at this point i can't remember.
he documented and progressed modding quite a bit for SWBF he had a site for a long time tho i think its gone down by this point.

Physcho did quite a number of other test mods and such really at this point i can't remember what most of it was tho as i could never really mod myself it wasn't so much of an intrest.
General / Re: Does LucasArts know about us?
November 06, 2012, 04:25:08 PM
No, Lucas Arts was just a publisher of games they put money into it because they wanted money out of it once the production stopped pretty much the money did too.
Meaning they don't care about the game anymore then they have too at this point, back in the day some of Pandemic's developers were around in the community a couple of them even worked a good bit with the really active modders of the time that made plenty of the things we know today possible.
Not all of it was figured out by trail and error tho many things have been.

Are people watching the mods for SWBF? really its just us that would be the community. the developers are long gone at this point...the modding community wasn't strong in the first few years really as we ether didn't know enough didn't have places like this or the community just didn't want to take the time to install mods.

You have to remember when looking at LA, they really stopped making games back in the late 90s and turned into a publishing house for franchise games.
Other Games / Re: Free Battlefield 1942
November 05, 2012, 07:58:53 PM
They didn't release Origin for Mac AG- however they are working on a beta atm for a mac was announced with Sim 3 for Mac coming in Feb 2013.
But it might release before that perhaps. Sadly even if it was i'd expect not to get the mac version of this free....i've got it from way back when and while its a great game online....its been dead for so long i don't know if it will have any type of revival.
It wasn't that it was illegal in the matter of SWBF itself. The legality at the time we were worried about was that Transgaming (CIder) wasn't released to the public and instead people were just getting the game taking out its contents and replacing it with SWBF contents. And nothing was wrong with that itself but when someone takes the shell that is Cider and uploaded it for others to download they were basically giving all of Transgamings work out for free.

And at the time as far as we could find Cider had not been released as open-sorce for the public the modify and distribute, at this point I still have no idea if they did.
however you can use other methods in fact Cider as i understand it was somewhat left in the dust by Wine at this point. Works just aswell once you figure it all out I put SWBF in it and got it running this morning in under 15 minutes and it is 100% open source.
Videos and Screen Shots / Re: Funny SWBF1 pics
November 01, 2012, 09:10:40 AM
I've just been lurking and saw this topic, figured i had a number of funny screenies someplace.


Force Push Drama shot...