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General / Re: Memories on the Battlefront
February 22, 2023, 10:20:15 AM
Feeling the nostalgia today. SWBF1 was such a great time... Hope everyone is doing well!
Awesome to see that you guys are still trying to push for interactive activities in SWBF1. I'd be down to join if you guys ever got something going this summer. Good luck!
Definitely will try and make it at the end of this month!
Quote from: Snake on January 15, 2020, 01:21:08 PM
Great to see all you old heads still around. I still hang out on PS4 sometimes so if anyone is on PSN my username is Octa-king. Fire are any of the old clan websites still up?

Hey Snake,

My old clan's website is still up, but the only other one I know of that still works and is supported is the BOBclan's site.
Hey Snake, long time no see bud!

I already posted here but I like how everyone is going in depth here on their battlefront journey, so I'll just drop part of mine here as well. Honestly, I don't remember what year I started playing battlefront 1 exactly but it was sometime around 2007 and it was my first online gaming experience. The idea of playing against other actual people in a video game for the first time really stimulated the competitive side in me which I thought previously I only had for sports. Eventually I ended up creating my own clan {FD}, and after a few stints of inactivity I stuck with it for good in early 2009 and made some good online friends that helped me grow it. I started in 1.0 and had some fun clan wars with the BOBclan and some others as well. Eventually the clan made the move to 1.2 and got pretty competitive for the next three years, while having active members from all over the world. Making these connections with people from all over was honestly so cool to me and I was really proud of the diversity of the clan and how it felt like a brother ship to a lot of members. I remember having a blast competing in the GGW3, the GGT, and other small tournaments/clan wars here and there. My battlefront journey ended up being more much than I ever thought it would be and looking back it really helped shape me as a person as well.

Awesome to see how this game has shaped some of your lives and careers as well!
Quote from: TheProfessional on October 09, 2019, 10:10:43 PM
Wow it's wild to see some of you again! I'd love to get on and play this weekend. Seriously can't believe how quickly these last few years have gone by. Hope you are all doing well.


Hey Pro, long time no see! Hope you're doing well man  :cheers:
Quote from: Anyder on September 23, 2019, 01:17:23 PM
It would be great to organise some event here! Let me know when you guys want, and let's see if we can promote the event  :tu:

Hey Anyder,

I know I'll have time on the weekend of October 18-20, so I'd be able to commit to then for an actual get together event. Hopefully that works for other people as well. Thanks!
Quote from: JackDaniel on September 22, 2019, 05:19:05 PM
PS2 is the best community, we have such awesome games :) PLA Fire you'll enjoy as I'm already friend with your
pal LED.

Haha I definitely was never in PLA, but hope to get some games in eventually. Thanks  :tu:
Thats cool that you guys still get together and play. I have swbf2 on PS2 so I might try that sometime but I play on PC.

Also, I'm assuming that "2PC" stands for SWBF2 on PC but could anyone confirm? I tend to see more players who play on those servers than people who play on the "PC" servers.
I remember the name PFA Majesty, nice to see you still around.

I plan on playing next Friday evening probably around 9pm CT, so if anyone wants to join I'll probably just mess around on a server for a bit. Phantom, Norwood, nice to see you guys still around.

Hope some of y'all will join me later this week... and that I remember to play.  :cheers:
Hey Kit,

Crazy how this game is 15 years old already isn't it? I recently started playing some SWBF1 2004 again occasionally and it brought back a lot of good memories. This game has by far the best community I've ever encountered and I'm proud to say I was a part of it for a long time. My favorite memory would have to be competing in the GGW3 and GGT tournaments back in the day. Those were a lot of fun and good competition.

Hope to see more people come around for the 15 year anniversary!
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on September 20, 2019, 04:36:22 AM
Hey Fire,
I know there's people that usually frequent the weekends, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to schedule a few events.  I know that November/December is 15-year anniversary time, but even casual organization of events could give a spark before then.
I know that I'd try to make it.  :shrug:

Phantom nice to see you're still around buddy, does the BOB clan still keep in touch? Anyways, I would be able to commit to scheduled games on Fridays or Saturdays so if anyone proposed anything I'd play! @Sam/Ply1, were you formally Yodasam or did you go by another name? Otherwise I'm sorry but I can't seem to remember your name, glad to see someone remembers me though  :cheers:
First off, I'm glad to see this community still going and seeing some familiar faces in the forums.

Anyways, I was just wondering if there were scheduled events or days that everyone gets together and plays? I've recently started playing again occasionally for nostalgia and actually have seen a couple people online. If possible it would be great to get a game going with multiple players again and I'd be down. Hope everyone is doing well!
General / Re: How many people play multiplayer?
September 02, 2019, 03:09:07 PM
Quote from: Red Dog on August 31, 2019, 05:59:01 PM
First time in a long time back on BF1 and it felt great. Even my 9 year kid was like, wooh what is that! It looks as good as Fortnite!!!!

I saw a about 5 people on a server today near 7-8 GMT

Was good...

I think I was one of those five, if I was it was nice playing with you lol. It was surprising to see people still playing multiplayer after years of not playing, the nostalgia was there and it was good fun.
no one wants to be one of those powerful jawa guys?  ;) . How could you not wana be a Jedi tho, seems like a good time to me