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Started by aeria., June 13, 2011, 08:14:19 PM

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Hello SWBFGamers,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Looks like the forums are in good shape. :D

Anyway here's an unfortunate warning I must give out to everyone.

Star Wars Battlefront will NOT run under Mac OS X Lion. I am currently running on the Developer Preview build of Lion and I can confirm that the game will not be playable. This a warning to anyone who is interested in purchasing a copy.

Explanation: SWBF is a PowerPC application. It was capable of running on Intel Macs by the use of Rosetta, a software that has been REMOVED in the next major Mac OS X release (Lion). I am currently trying to find a workaround for Rosetta to work. No success so far.

Apple is trying to cut off all PowerPC support, period. Unless LucasArts releases a patch that makes the game native to Intel hardware, please stay in Snow Leopard.



Thanks for the info AG !

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I'm waiting for the new OS to come out until I get my macbook pro. Should I get the pro now (for school) and then update when a patch of some sort comes out? My parents are getting me the 'pro for school BTW

Well, I don't think that a patch would be made for SWBF, but I can't say for certain.
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Don't believe everything you read on the internet

It appears I've forgotten it was Beenox who was responsible for porting the game to Mac OS X.

Buckler is right. Support for SWBF Mac has been non-existent since the release of patch 1.2 RevA. While unlikely a patch or re-release will be made for SWBF... it's still possible.

Removing Rosetta will kill many older applications, including Microsoft Office 2004 and older printers. I'm currently doing all of my schoolwork in Windows 7 because Office 2004 no longer works AND my old printer ceases to function without Rosetta. As upsetting as it is, it's also a good time to upgrade. While the printer won't be replaced soon, I have recently ordered Office 2011. Time to wait 6-8 business days. >.>

If you would like to check if an application will run under Mac OS X Lion, right click the application and select "Get Info". If PowerPC is labeled somewhere on the top, don't expect it to run once you upgrade to Lion.

Note to all G3-G5 owners: you will not be affected by any of this as Lion (and Snow Leopard) requires an Intel-based Mac to run.


I got a 15" screen MBP yesterday and installed SWBF on it - awesome graphics btw - but I now loathe to upgrade to LION when it comes out because I love SWBF soo much

and I don't have an XBox...

AG do you think you could make a patch of some sort that would let BF run in LION?? PLZ!

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Has anyone tried running Mac OS X in as a virtual machine (e.g. with Parallels)? That might be a solution. Can't imagine not eventually upgrading all our Macs to Lion, but that apparently means the kids and I can't play SWBF again. Gah!

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Here's what Aspyr has to say about the issue at hand:

As you have probably heard, the new Mac OS (Lion) will not support Rosetta. Aspyr has been around for a long time, and we have plenty of titles that that were not updated to run Natively on Intel processors. Rosetta was part of the Mac OS that helped applications made for PowerPC Mac Processors to run on Intel Processors. Some of our older titles were made Universal with patches we issued. For our users who still wish to run older non-Universal titles and have the latest Mac OS (10.7), we recommend creating a partitioned drive with an earlier version of MacOS so you can boot in the older OS and play these games using Rosetta emulation.



Aspyr more or less is saying, "You're playing our older games? Too bad. We don't want to fix them. Go sacrifice your harddrive space and go through the hassle to have 2 separate installations of Mac OS X to play them."

I mean seriously, do they think the average Mac user even KNOW what the word partition mean? It's complete  :censored:. Excuse my language. ATM  :censored: .

Telling customers to partition is highly unprofessional. It makes me very upset for them to publicly say, "We are not fixing the games you paid us for. Here's a half- :censored: solution for you to use."

Fix your  :censored: games Aspyr. We've supported you for providing ports of our favorite games to Mac OS X for several years. Something like this you need to take care of, not ignore.


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Sorry about the language yesterday. That was a bit of a personal issue and I do apologize for my behavior.

Reason for using it was rather immature... and completely unrelated to the topic or anything SWBF related.

I'll prevent that from happening again.

While not ideal, the only option we have for playing SWBF is to partition your harddrive and install an old version of Mac OS X.

If you are unsure on how to partition, here's a wonderful tutorial that I absolutely did not bother to read before posting it on this topic:


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I have found a NEW and IMPROVED way to play SWBF on your newer Mac's AND be able to play on the PC servers!!!!!!
Link to tutorial:;topicseen#new