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SWBF1 Modding / Re: Multiple Heroes
May 25, 2021, 07:14:09 PM
There can only be one SetHeroClass defined in the lua file.
Previously people have used the heroes on a 3rd or 4th team so that the player can't select them but they can still help out.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: Ewok skeleton
May 20, 2021, 10:17:32 AM
I'd revert back to your original files then go this route:

I'd use this, look at end1a lua file and how they call in Ewoks:

You can then edit a mission to add the stock ewok to replace a unit.
For example:
On Cloud City, if I want an Ewok instead of a Wookiee, I need to:
  • Copy the line that has ReadDataFile("side\ewk.lvl.........") to bes2a
  • Change all_inf_smuggler to whatever the ewok is (end_inf_ewok??)
  • Munge, and replace your mission file

Native Side Builders (if you wish to edit them)
This is the method I use for CP randomization on my server.  It can work the same for new vehicles as Giftheck has seen.

Copy the design layer of a stock map and rename it to a .wld file (should have all the CPs + droids and stuff).
Remove all the sky/terrain stuff from the file.
Remove all CPs from the design layer using a text editor or ZE.
Create new req, .rgn, .bar, and .hnt files that are named the same as your new wld file.  I think these can all be blank.
When loading, call the base world first, load the CP .lvl file.

You should be able to munge and have two world files now, and can use the template you created to make new layouts/items/etc.
SWBF2 Modding / Re: BF2 HEX Codes for Bothan?
April 25, 2021, 12:40:10 PM
That's something that you won't find anyone here to create.  Sounds like a cheater's tool to me.
Have you tried checking all the attached lights in your odfs and then removing them and adding them back in until it breaks again? It looks like you've tried to attach a light that is not in the project folder.

If it's not the odf lights, I imagine it has something to do with the sky, but I've never seen that error before.

To me, "LightClass #### not found" means that you are missing a file.
The servers listed still authenticate for me on the release version of the game.
I know this is REALLY late but today's pack is on ModDB, or the link can be accessed in my stream.
Ferocious Battlefront this week on Multiplayer Monday
The "glitch" is caused by using the original localizations included with the mod tools, not localizations from the Steam patch.

There are other files by Teancum included that have updated localizations or they can be fixed by the user.
My thoughts on it (since nobody else has jumped in yet):
  • 6 weeks is probably fine, maybe even too long considering the number of people that are left.
  • I'm undecided on random teams.  For balance it's probably best but many people like to play with friends
  • I do like the format of this tournament, if you haven't played anything like this, it's definitely a treat.
Released Maps and Mods / SWBF2 PC Core.lvl Tool
March 23, 2021, 06:39:02 AM
SWBF2 PC Core.lvl Tool


Stock core PC builder by Dark_Phantom

This folder can rebuild the stock PC core.lvl by just going into _BUILD and hitting "pc_mungecore.bat" - this will use the /common flag (which contains the core.lvl munge) and rebuild the core.lvl, which can then be located in _LVL_PC.

editlocalize.bat will edit the main localization keys for the game.
editlocalize-pc-override.bat will edit the pc specific localization keys

I have put Teancum's localize folder in Common\Localize\TEANCUM-LOCALIZE  --> it has a lot of extra weight but it may be better for your use case, considering the files in here are pre-patch/DLC.  Just replace the files in the main folder and the PC folder with his. --Note by Phantom:  I left this in here from the Xbox builder because you may find use from it, but there may be some stark differences.

Doesn't seem like there's any errors generated
I've stripped it down to only what is needed or if I wasn't sure something wouldn't break the munger, there were a bunch of extra files that didn't relate to the core.lvl.

I would ask that you inform me if you want me to make changes to this for the purposes of the stock game (like you go and do the fonts before I do).  I will not update or support this past the stock game.

Pandemic - for BF2 and the Mod Tools and files/documentation needed
psych0fred - supplying me with some files to make this work correctly
Teancum - For his localize files and original work on Xbox mod
Dark_Phantom - compiling this tool

Update: Fixed fonts, fixed perpixeldiffuselighting_shader that would cause a crash on certain maps.  Base localization still needs work, tool tips are kinda broken, but everything else seems ok.
Make sure you're using the Stock 1.2 or SWBFspy exe.
I never attempted to find the offsets on the Steam/GOG version and probably never will, considering that version has extra crap to discourage it.
Do not resurrect old threads if you have nothing to contribute.
https://youtu.be/V3nDdTUZi-4 Dlemmor is a speedrunner that has done almost all the maps in some configuration. He did this on 1.2 PC version as well.

Hard on 1.2 PC is basically "Super Hard", especially as compared to console hard.  The AI grabbing the Landing Zone is about the best thing that can happen, because then you can bleed them out most efficiently and strafe with the fighter or pick them off on foot.
Welcome Center / Re: Hi yall
March 14, 2021, 12:06:21 PM
Nice to meet you, welcome to SWBFgamers!
We do some random games on SWBFspy at 4:30pm EDT on Mondays on SWBF1 - anyone is welcome.  There's usually some type of tournament in the summer but we haven't committed to anything yet.
Some of the others might be able to shed some light on BF2 which also has a competitive scene like BCL in addition to modding scene.