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SWBF2 Modding / Re: binkw.32dll error
September 15, 2021, 12:12:21 PM
The binkw32.dll error is most likely caused by not having the BF2_modtools.exe in the same folder as your regular Battlefront2.exe.
You'll need to move that exe over to the Steamapps/common/BF2/Gamedata, then you use that to test your mod and get better logging.
The SWBF1 Speedruns community would like to announce our version of "Challenge Mode".
I would like to thank Skinny, Dlemmor, and the KoTOR speedruns moderators (for jumpstarting the idea) in making this come to life.  We would like to try this as an engagement tool for new and experienced runners.  The challenges will be generally shorter, but times may adjust depending on the community's input.

Challenge Mode adds a new layer of depth to BF1, and is implemented in the same way as an Addon map on PC.  That doesn't mean console players can't participate!  For the speedrun challenge, there is NO requirement to download the mod, but it will make it easier to get right in the action.  However, we have NOT limited the challenge mode, so console players may want to think about getting SWBF1 on Steam/GOG if the Challenges Mode is what they want.

IN FACT, it's so small it's an attachment at this point.  Just unzip, place in your addon folder, and go!

Speedruns will (obviously) be based on time and Challenges, at this point, will be judged based on reinforcement count. If you would like to participate and get some bragging rights, you can submit your times in the SWBF1 Speedruns Discord at this point.  The current one will run two weeks and we will reassess whether two weeks is appropriate for future editions.

Our permanent link is here:

We hope to see you on the front!

SWBF1 Modding Tutorials / New Screens through Addon
September 07, 2021, 07:21:03 AM
Ok, we've been down this road before, and it's probably about 10 years too late, but I'm here to tell you how to add NEW screens through the addon folder.

I have attached the demo in the attachments on this post.  This is what we are using for "Week 1" of the SWBF1 Speedruns challenges.

  • You need to modify how the ifs_movietrans_PushScreen() function works.
  • You need to define a new screen in the addme.lua file
--Original concept by BAD_AL, modified by Dark_Phantom
--This modifies the ifs_movietrans_PushScreen function, or more accurately, catches one situation where we want to switch the screen.
origMovieTrans = ifs_movietrans_PushScreen
ifs_movietrans_PushScreen = function(screenName)
    if( screenName == ifs_sp ) then --THIS IS NOT A STRING
        --ScriptCB_PushScreen("ifs_sp2") --you can use this to just push the new screen if you don't have a movie transition

--Now we add the new screen...
ifs_sp2_vbutton_layout = {

ifs_sp2 = NewIFShellScreen {
ifs_sp2.CurButton = AddVerticalButtons(ifs_sp2.buttons,ifs_sp2_vbutton_layout)

I didn't copy my code straight up but you can copy that section from ifs_sp, and then modify one of the fields, like add a button to the list, you should be able to modify the screen accordingly.

After this, you can then save and munge your addme.lua file.
You're then going to create a folder in addon (I use challenge) then just drop it in there.
There's plenty of extensibility too... obviously I wouldn't recommend locking people out of screens, but using it for modification.  It's a much slimmer way to modify (or create new) screens we already have WITHOUT a total conversion mod.  As you can see from my attachment, it's 3 KB to add A WHOLE NEW (very basic) MODE

In a future episode, we will be talking about how to tie more screens together and make the script extremely generic for your purposes.  This way is the "hard-coded way" which is really convenient for one or two screens, but we can leverage some ScriptCB_SetDCMap() calls to go even further.
Are you adding anything other than stock objects?
Are you looking a certain direction when you crash?

Usually with just a bunch of objects and a large space, the game will not crash.  It usually has to do with a broken object or some other factor, like water.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: EXE Memory Pool hacking
August 30, 2021, 04:32:34 AM
No.  At this point it should be accepted that the limits we have are the limits we get.
I don't think any of the official BF1 distros has a no-cd version (like BF2's BoPC did).  I believe my BoPC version needed a CD.

1.3 was only available as a download and had an updated version of SecuROM that we've all since abandoned hope of cracking except apparently wsa30h (it was a beta anyway). It cannot be run unless you have the original 1.0 disc version (BoPC isn't detected)
SWBF1 Modding / Re: SPTest Request
August 14, 2021, 05:28:43 PM
Dude it's been so long since I approved a file, I forgot about it.
Fixed, should be able to be downloaded now.
SWBF2 Modding / Re: Command post colours
August 07, 2021, 06:22:26 PM
This site has a whole section dedicated to BF1 modding and tutorials that are clear.

The mod tools for BF1 are different from BF2 simply because they are different games with different expectations for files.
There's a couple different guides, but the main requirement is to have a PC that stays up 24/7.  Whether that be through a company or a home server is up to you.
For SWBFspy (our 1.2 Gamespy replacement), it's just a matter of downloading the dedicated server software (hosted here) and setting up a server (there's a stickied thread on the Multiplayer board I think, with settings, etc).
For Steam, it's a little bit more convoluted, but there's threads like this one that go through it step by step:

Edit: I see GDH replied on the other thread as well with all the guides.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: DropItemClass crash issue
July 16, 2021, 08:40:03 PM
SPTest only works for the 1.2 version of the game, of which there is a downgrade here.
I've tried various things but I don't remember what my tests were.

I think the reason you are crashing is because that instance of the mine class never gets loaded in.
You need to learn about one of the most important yet least covered things: req files.
Look at common.req, and you'll see that those classes are loaded in the munge.  The side lvl files work a little bit differently in that I believe if they are a part of a unit class, the armament is loaded ingame as well.  The mine is not loaded if no unit has it, causing a crash.

A req file is just a text file that allows the munger to organize and put the data in the correct places so that when the game loads, it can find what it needs. They are used in every lvl file in the game.
SWBF2 Modding / Re: Gunship Not Spawning?
July 11, 2021, 04:42:25 PM
It's included in the mod tools and in many downloads. A search will quickly find it.
It'll only work in the downgrade/1.2 version, so remember that.  It produces log files that can be used to help diagnose mod issues.
I've honestly thought about it but creating mod tools from scratch is a big undertaking - leaving a lot of holes and limitations for a long time.  We have many of the assets and some idea of the file formats because of their similarity to Battlefront.
It's definitely something to think about, but right now I have a lot of other things going on that makes taking on another project impossible.
SWBF2 Modding / Re: Gunship Not Spawning?
July 09, 2021, 08:36:40 PM
1.) Are you using SPTest with version 1.2 to test?  That usually dumps out some pretty conclusive errors for situations like this.
2.) Did you add SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityFlyer",##) to your lua?

Those are the two big questions if you've gotten other vehicles to spawn in the game.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: Multiple Heroes
May 25, 2021, 07:14:09 PM
There can only be one SetHeroClass defined in the lua file.
Previously people have used the heroes on a 3rd or 4th team so that the player can't select them but they can still help out.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: Ewok skeleton
May 20, 2021, 10:17:32 AM
I'd revert back to your original files then go this route:

I'd use this, look at end1a lua file and how they call in Ewoks:;sa=view;down=319

You can then edit a mission to add the stock ewok to replace a unit.
For example:
On Cloud City, if I want an Ewok instead of a Wookiee, I need to:
  • Copy the line that has ReadDataFile("side\ewk.lvl.........") to bes2a
  • Change all_inf_smuggler to whatever the ewok is (end_inf_ewok??)
  • Munge, and replace your mission file

Native Side Builders (if you wish to edit them);sa=view;down=539