Win as Empire on Kashyyk: Islands (on Hard)?

Started by Llonio, March 13, 2021, 09:42:05 PM

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is this really hard for anyone else? or am I just bad? the only evidence I've seen of someone doing this is

can't seem to get it on PC, even using the tactics of the above vid. Are there differences in the AI between the old PS2 version and the current Steam version? they really seem to not miss when Hard on PC...

any tips? post vids if you can do it, I'd love to see :)

Dark_Phantom Dlemmor is a speedrunner that has done almost all the maps in some configuration. He did this on 1.2 PC version as well.

Hard on 1.2 PC is basically "Super Hard", especially as compared to console hard.  The AI grabbing the Landing Zone is about the best thing that can happen, because then you can bleed them out most efficiently and strafe with the fighter or pick them off on foot.
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