How to enable lightsaber blocking?

Started by DarthTyth96, February 19, 2021, 10:51:58 PM

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Hey everyone I'm very new to the site and I also use the steam verion of the game. I was wondering...

How do I find the lightsaber ODF file? I want to have the Jedi and Sith in my game block shots but I don't want to rely on a mod for them to do that. I've been trying to locate the lightsaber ODF file for ages now and I can't find it.

Do I need a certain program to find it? Or do I have to do something else entirely?


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(I will assume that you have the mod tools.  If you do not, let us know.)

You will need the mod tools, and you will need to munge (compile) a mod for changes to be applied.  The game does not come with the mod tools.  Look at the sticky post in the modding area for appropriate links.

Find a jedi ODF.  Like luke:  all_inf_lukeskywalker.odf

Find the weapon name:

WeaponName1 = "all_weap_lightsaber"
WeaponAmmo1 = 0

now, look for all_weap_lightsaber.odf

inside that ODF will be other ODFs that can be found, et.
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Thanks for replying! I did not know I would need the mod tools in order to find and edit the odf files. What's the best site that I can get the mod tools from?  ;)