1.2 Pc glitch?

Started by BigBadNerd, January 08, 2021, 08:19:05 AM

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I downloaded the 1.2 download from hear and even with vsync on the thanks still feel super buggy and flip easy. Is this normal or is there another setting i need to adjust?


Do you have a high refresh monitor?  I noticed that when I switched monitors (and got a new PC) even VSync didn't remove some of the jankiness.
I've just come to accept it but maybe we can find another avenue. It's tied to framerate in some way.
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That was it! I lowered my monitor refresh rate from 144hz to 60z and the tanks worked so much better! Thank you!!


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Another issue i am learning now, is the tank wont move in the docks mission in the water. just kinda is stuck in place whenever i try to drive it. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?


I believe that's just a feature, not a bug. It works pretty well moving forward just not to the sides.