Utter Chaos Mod

Started by Ryanoceros, March 24, 2009, 02:03:55 PM

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Well, I guess it is easy to do a mission map. That was quick! Very Cool. ... it'd probably take me a full day just to figure out how to do it. lol
You should probably just hold off a couple more days cause the final version of the sides will be released by then... with all the skins and adjustments.

The read me is fine.... but there is another guy that goes by the name "Rhino". People might get confused. If you don't mind, just list my name as "Ryanoceros" in the read me file. Other than that it's just fine. Thanks!

spell check error, fixed on the one i got here! Meant to write Ryano! I'll change it to the full name when I put together the final one, when you have released it!

When I got a bit more time I'll list the steps to make it a map! You mac folk still use bfbuilder dont you but just cant munge?

yeah, no munge for the mac. I might put up a mission map guide soon.

Viruses are like the New York Lottery. "Hey, you never know"

I have Virtual PC on my mac, so I can munge. I just can't use the Zero Editor.
... And I'm still mostly confused by everything else anyway. lol
But with a little help in understanding the BFBuilder, I might be able to do more than just sides. But one thing at a time.
As it is now, I don't even use the BFBuilder except to make the initial files necessary, then I just use textedit to change the ODF files directly, and Photoshop on the mac side for .tga files, and then munge in Virtual PC.

That would be cool, Pi, if you do post some simple instructions. :)

I made the map without zeroeditor, just bf builder. I'll post a short step by step (if pi doesnt get in there before me).  all the files you will need are already there and complete, just a few changes to tell the map to use the modded sides and munge!

And the instructions are up. Have fun with your expanded knowledge Ryan

Viruses are like the New York Lottery. "Hey, you never know"