How can I add a custom image to load screen?

Started by Borono, October 22, 2018, 01:27:38 PM

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Hi to everybody!!!!

I was making a custom map with ""
Scarif: Modding Starter Kit - A Guide To BF2 Modding....

I want to know. How can I add a custom image to load screen?

Please Help   :shrug:

Hello!!! I have the capture of the print screen in a jpg file and I converted it to a tga file in 1024 x 720 ... I want to know how I can integrate this file in the loading screen.
Please, Obi Wan ... Swbfgamers you are my only hope ...

Hmm did you try to post this question in gametoast Aswell?

I was looking this tutorials by Zerted:

I tried with the Zerted´s app and other post´s but I don´t have custom loadingscreen, this is frustrating.

Thanks for respond

Munge a new shell.lvl for a custom loading screen, for the rest you're either gonna need to make a builder from scratch or find one.
Also, check out my total conversion for BF1: Ferocious Battlefront