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Started by Hardcore, October 14, 2009, 01:15:32 PM

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This is going to be a little guide to do everything you can do on these here forums and a few select other things such as some games and so forth, it will be a work in progress for a while as I'm sure Ill forget something, if anyone wants to contribute their own tutorial to this post just Pm Me and ill make sure it gets added in.
If you have any questions feel free to ask in a PM (Personal Message) to Me or any of the other staff and I'm sure you'll get your answer as soon as I or They can give it.
To start off ill go over the Basic's of any forum, from posting in topics to making new topics, even editing your profile/signature, then ill go over bbcode and anything else i can think of.
How to View the Forum Rules

This is the most simple and most important thing to do if you want to enjoy your time viewing and becoming a part of the community.

The simple answer is look in the "News" forum, and look for the sticky'd topic "Forum Rules"- And the other simple way is to Click this Link.
How to Post

To do this, go into any topic (thats not locked) and you will see the following buttons at the top right (Reply) and bottom right (Reply) as shown below.

Once you click on Reply, you will be taken to a page with a text box and with rows of BBcode options and emote icons you can use in your post. Once you have put in what text you would like, and used any BBcodes/emotes you would like, you simply hit Post an option thats right below the text box and your done. Note: You may also hit Preview at any time to have a preview pop up above your text box with what your post will look like.

Another option you have for posting is (Quick Reply) you can write a post when viewing a topic without loading a new page. This however is not on by default, to turn this on click the (Profile) option in the menu bar, it will take you to your profile and you will see the options to Modify Profile choose the option "Look and Layout" under Modify Profile. Now choose the option in the drop down menu and set it as you prefer- this is how i have mine set.

Now, once you have it turned on, you can post without loading a new page its as easy as that. the Quick Reply box will be at the very bottom of any topic you can post in. and will look like this.

So, now that you know how to post choose your method and get posting!
How to Post a New Topic

This is almost exactly the same as how you add a New Post/Reply.

But this time you click in any forum on (New Topic) it will be on the top right above all of the topics made by other members.

Once your in the page simply enter your post and hit (Post).
How to Add Your Signature and Avatar

To add your signature there are a few basic steps:
Firstly go to the menu bar at the top of the forum, and click on the ìProfileî button.

Then, click on the ìForum Profile Informationî text in the sidebar.

Next, scroll down the page until you come to a box that looks like this:

Then to add your signature, enter the text or image that you wish to be displayed, for example mine:

Which will be displayed like this:



Adding your avatar is even simpler than adding a signature!

Firstly go to the menu bar at the top of the forum, and click on the ìProfileî button.

Then, click on the ìForum Profile Informationî text in the sidebar.

Then look for this section on the page that will now load:

You now have two options:

1. If the picture is on the internet, get hold of the address to the picture, e.g.
and then copy and paste it in the appropriate box.


2.If the picture is on your computer, click the Choose File button. Then go and find where the file is on your computer and click ok, and the image will be uploaded. 


And the final step of course for both, is click "Save Changes" at the bottom!

by .invertus


Coming Soon

How to Edit Your User Profile

How to Add Pictures

How to Add Videos

How to Use BBcode

How to Star Wars Battlefront (maybe new post)

How to Call of Duty 4 (maybe new post)

New Section "What The...?"

If you want to make a Tutorial for MPC please PM me and we can discuss it.

Don't have the time to write up a Tutorial but still want to help? Suggest a tutorial to be made! If you find yourself not knowing how to do something just ask, and we will try to get a tutorial made as soon as possible.

Special Thanks to Invertus for sending in Tutorials on "How to Add Signature/Avatar"
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