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Public Square / Re: Any interest in Game Auto-Alerts?
August 31, 2023, 10:12:57 AM
A reimplementation of the MS, yes. I'm learning how to compile it and configure as well. I intend to containerize the build process and runtime to make it simple to work with.
Public Square / Re: Any interest in Game Auto-Alerts?
August 29, 2023, 06:40:09 AM
That is a beautiful solution!
If it's scanning the battlefront process then I think what is handling is an individual dedicated server, correct?

Right now I'm aiming at the master server to achieve handing any public server (those that announce to the master server list).

There is also a luxury that the current master server implemented is open source, so events could be generated directly in theory

In the future I think something that can optionally dial into a process such as your bot could be very fascinating, linking the two together

Perhaps something like:
Get events and server lists from master server
Check port XYZ on dedicated server IP
 if responds ask it to forward events as if it's a dedicated server bot

I'm getting ahead of myself, I'll reply back when I have some basic master server interop
Public Square / Re: Any interest in Game Auto-Alerts?
August 27, 2023, 11:06:02 AM
I have had SWBF intalled on ubuntu lately and was thinking about how nice it would be to be notified when folks join, and then ran across this old thread. I'm not sure I ever got to making something like this, but I went ahead and decided to do so.

I don't have anything connecting to master servers yet, and if that is a no-go, just say so. I'll be DMing Led and Dark Phantom about setting up something secure to interface with the master server.

I thought about the obvious of simply polling the master server the same way the forum does.

What I'd like to see is a generic discord server notification bot, and after that works a direct message option for allowing individuals to set their own notifications via discord DM.
Quote from: Dark_Phantom on October 27, 2018, 08:17:00 AM

1.) ...  If you want one extra unit (6) you raise it by one (to 5, lua starts at 0).
It does?

I suppose there could be some form of structure that would allow you to refer to something as the 0th index..
If lua object/map is a thing and can have numerical members like javascript can, I guess that makes sense.
SWBF1 Modding / Re: Pushed sounds to the limit.
October 19, 2018, 12:02:25 PM

Quote from: 1ИC06И170 on October 19, 2018, 08:28:17 AM
Changing the sound loading order in the mission.lvl file switches from one sound bank to another, but won't load both.

My mod adds over 200 sounds and 37 music tracks ...
That sounds like something close to a byte's possible unique values 0-255.. Hmm

Quote from: Giftheck on October 19, 2018, 10:16:34 AM
There's a limit as to how many sound effects can be loaded at once. If you breach that limit the game will ignore all but the last bank file loaded (be it the stock .lvl/common.bnk or your custom modID.asfx files).
I don't know that modifying the memory consumed would make much a difference (but I don't know anything about swbf's system for it, either).

I'd bet you that when music is loaded it is assigned an ID (possibly a BYTE?), and when the id gets past its ID binary type's length that it overflows and does the whole (255+1 == 0) == true thing

edit- Like this:

edit- It could be possible that there isn't a limit on the IDs, and its just how the lua values get parsed over.
For example, if the sounds are stored in an array/list/vector/etc and the game needs to get/set them via index, if that index variable is a small enough finite length, you could be accessing the array at the binary adding overflow index (in this case, probably 0, since you described it as the last element loaded).

If the last two are the case, then it is likely that the sounds get loaded just fine, but stored in the array goofy because of the binary overflow, which, when the limit is reached, the next value stored would end up in index 0 (or 1, in lua's case).
General / Re: Issue about Star Wars Battlefront III?
September 25, 2018, 10:04:53 AM
Quote from: Led on September 25, 2018, 05:09:09 AM
Hi Tommy,
You sound a lot like Jeremy:
Even a git versioning system would have a hard time differentiating those two
Not a bunch of work on the node module, decided to put it off until I get a blender exporter done.
Which segways into why I'm posting:

Thats a gist of a work in progress python plugin for blender that exports
MSH files.
It isn't complete, I've been going at this thing for two days.
Currently I'm all the way to POSL (aka vertices of models),
which is pretty neat considering this is my first jab at python code.
I guess exporting is far easier than parsing.

455 lines of code strong, slightly un-optimised (consequence of not
knowing python combined with hating error messages for users).

Looking at Tirpider's documentation, this code is handling roughly 50% of the tags,
and I consider it a little more done than that since I won't be able to test cloth for
an indefinite amount of time.

edit- Added a demo of the current output from a hex editor view.

edit- I'm going to be having to get triangle strips out of blender models, and they are all stored separatedly.

I decided to post some links here that I found while looking for algorithms to stripify blender meshes:
Necessary code found in this folder:

There is an nvidea cli solution, but I want to keep things in one code base.
Quote from: 1ИC06И170 on July 26, 2018, 09:07:00 AM
Could this be hypothetically done to add spaces to .lvl files ? Like to add files to be loaded by levels.
You're on the right track, it is the same idea.

However even with my brief understanding of the format I've read from Riley pages,
its pretty intense to think that that could be easier than compiling from source.

I like the idea of trying this out just for the sake of learning things.
However I have no time to do such things, so you will need these:;sa=view;down=354;sa=view;down=455
Quote from: Idren on July 14, 2018, 10:57:17 AM
Could we instead create an invisible Object that somehow acted like a death region perhaps?
That sounds doable. You can take damage from hitting a few vehicles. This time make the vehicle take no damage (a scale of 0 would do it). Just have a collision mesh and no rendered mesh. An alternative could be a modified ordnance like a rocket. Same thing with collision mesh. Set the speed to a very slow amount and there you have it. For battle Royal you'd probably have a semi transparent plane mesh.
It would be easiest to have four modified rocket walls instead of a cylinder or sphere.

There is probably a way to set the boundary radius via memory modifying. It can't be a generated collision mesh because that would be very difficult to implement as opposed to just checking this distance between players position and the center of the boundary given the ellipse of the boundary.

It may be a good idea to compare pre-munged map boundaries against game process memory to get a fix on where it's stored, then write up a trainer to try and modify it live.

I may try to get into it if I can get a node js memory modification module in my hands.
The cool part doing that is that you'd have way more control over the timing and size of the region, and the added bonus of there being a timeout semi equal to PUBG's health degradation outside the boundaries.
Talk about resurrecting old topics..

Here's a new thing I've come to love lately!
Styl-us (I was using Stylish, but there were securety implications and I switched) is an Addon (at least for firefox, I use chrome only for my projects and haven't tested it) thing-a-ma-bob that does user styles for websites.
edit- Its a chrome thing too:

Stylish themes are compatible with Styl-us, so I've uploaded mine to that main site.

I've been messing with my first one, which is for this site, for two days now.

Still a lot of things to work out, but the immediate impact is something I've very happy with.
I'll work on this in my off time. Screen shots are on that page if you need them.

After the bugs are worked out and everything is nice and dark, I'll start doing the fun css animation and transition stuff. Maybe even some svg, what the heck.

Heya, I'm here with thangs and stuph.

Attached are reference images from FireFox 61.0.4 (64bit) on Windows 10.
One that is functional is HTTP unsecured, the other is secured.

There are several bugs mostly related to the PHP not spitting out HTTPs at the beginning of its references.

For example, my avatar image url is
This works great, but using the php still outputs that link, which is sent to the client as unencrypted data. This is nearly harmless, since I do not care if someone sniffs that through my network, but it is a bug non-the-less, and it has implications that the PHP code needs a working on.

If you are comfortable, I am capable with these things and can probably fix the problem the correct way by testing a copy of the site as-is with my machine locally, probably with a dummy/empty (besides a test account I'd create to test streaming of the images as HTTP/s) database. I wouldn't really even need FTP access.

[spoiler=A list of unsecured resources I used my browser console to debug are listed]

I was going to be all fancy and use the DOM debug tool thing to check every href/src, but I guess the FireFox guys decided they were cooler than me.

If you inject the https manually through browser console, the bugs go away.

edit- Just found that relative links such as the banner for the site:
Code (css) Select

#header {
    #333333 url(../images/custom/header-bg-2.jpg) no-repeat

Are resolved to HTTPs automatically (or whatever you're currently connected via, so http would be resolved if you type in So a lot of things like avatars and such that are uploaded could use relative paths instead of hard code references. This would make a much easier job of updating the PHP.

As far as imgur and go, they support HTTPs if you jack the s in there manually, but you would need to write some kind of code to automatically do this. You could additionally figure out where the source of those images are being input and demand the HTTPs from the user setting the value, and last ditch effort test an HTTPs version with a fetch request, and if it errors out deny the operation and spit a "url doesn't support SSL/HTTPS" to the user.

edit- doesn't do HTTPs if you just jack it in there.. Time for code!

edit- added Android 6.0.1 Firefox 59.0.2 https:// screen shot
Gah, you have a way with words. I consider myself the bitter end of an excellent joust. Well played, sir.
Huzzah for no more browser 'this site is not secure' and moar encryption!

Inb4 Regent makes the British comment

(Love you bro, no h8 m8 i r8 8/8)