About the last SWBF2 Steam/GoG Update

Started by Anyder, February 09, 2021, 03:17:44 PM

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Good evening guys!

Today GoG/Steam released a patch (well, actually two of them) which we could call a fail, since many controls are broken, resolution has certainly not been fixed, and therefore made their MP alternative unstable -- once again.
This means we had to update our files to revert from Steam to SWBFSpy. Download is temporarily hosted in our test-environment: http://swbf2.swbfgamers.net/info/downloads.html (SWBF2 Category - STEAM PATCH).

I did not have time to make sure whether I was missing any files or not, so until I do not get a positive from some community players, I will not post it in the official Info website.
If some SWBF2 Player wants to test it, feel free to do so and share your feedback with me here or through DM.

Thanks for your time!

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