July 25, 2021, 02:26:21 PM

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BF1 project xbox expanded is released. raw game folder for your og xbox. For those of you
 who dont know what thee project xbox expanded is it is a mod that brings as much new content to the xbox version of bf1. it brings a lot of the stuff from my expanded edition to the xbox version only the cross eras have been added to this version. there are 10 new maps in this mod amador deep forest , jukot forest island galidraan snowcapped forest kamino arena 17 mustafar labaratory death star from BF2 abridon city talay tak base geonosis freight dock nar shaddaa city scape kotor conversion by teancum.
did you enable vsync ? its a simple fix but it works. also can happen when playing the game at 4k.
Ah yes i converted the lothal map mimban i will get around to doing eventually when my bf1 xbox mod is finished.
Released Assets / Re: SWBF1 & SWBF2 Sound Build Env
July 04, 2021, 09:21:33 AM
Awesome work all 4 bespin missions work on xbox. geonosis doesent work but only because the resample rates are wrong i believe changing just the vehicle resample rates would fix it, since it munges the actual sounds. This makes cross era so much easier and i thank you for that.
Hi everybody here is the new bf1 xbox mod first build. Requires testing on a;; eras but clone wars and galactic civil war. clone wars and galactic civil war on the new custom maps need to be tested along with the new eras. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d46w11kZrZeETKjfCWLQ6R59hPy5-VTb/view?usp=sharing
Pick 3 of your favorites winners will be added after the bf1 xbox project expanded is finished. They will be in the form of installers the same way that bf2 xbox mod maps are.
Thanks ps2 and psp mods are done by Bf2 Anthony not me. This mod will feature new eras and maps from my expanded edition for pc. You will need a softmodded og xbox or a jtagged rgh xbox 360.
two other maps that might come are honoghr crash site and alzoc both by felipegab. bf1 splitscreen test on xbox
I would like to take a second to announce the first ever bf1 mod project that will bring new custom maps to the bf1 xbox version. this project will also have some cross eras on some maps. planned maps are as follows
Amador deep forest made by yoda kid converted by me
Jukot forest island made by me
gallidraan ice forest renamed to snowcapped forest made by bobfinkl and jaspo converted by me.
mustafar labaratory elite squadron ported by calboi and ripped by teancum ? converted by me.
death star from bf2 converted by sleepkiller.
abridon city created by rendz.
talay tak base created by aqt. converted by me
geonosis freight dock created by locutus and improved by bf2 anthony then converted by me.
nar shaddaa from kotor ported by teancum and then converted by me.
all of these maps are in the 3.0 expanded edition and a lot of these maps are also standalone addons on moddb.
thank you for your help a bit late now that my expanded edition is finished and i moved onto bf1 xbox but it will come in handy when i return for my next big bf1 pc mod.  :rofl:
General / Re: Wasoh, new Master Modder
June 07, 2021, 02:03:03 PM
yes thank you teancum thats what the expanded edition was mostly about. i will be doing more conversions of bf2 maps in the near future but i would like to focus on the bf1 xbox project for the time being. also must thank you and a lot of other modders on gt and the gt discord i would have either not made it this far or made it much slower.
General / Re: Wasoh, new Master Modder
June 06, 2021, 03:31:32 AM
haha lol dont worry about it.
General / Re: Wasoh, new Master Modder
June 05, 2021, 02:38:48 PM
thank you. my current project since i finished my expanded edition is to bring a lot of that stuff to xbox. so far i have figured out hoe to make custom loading screen for custom xbox maps for bf1. i have also figured out sound and will share my knowledge here in the near future as soon as i test it out more and perfect it.  ;)
General / Re: Wasoh, new Master Modder
June 05, 2021, 10:07:28 AM
thank you very much it could not be done without the awesome members of this site and gametoast.