How to host a historical mission

Started by Led, June 04, 2014, 05:19:47 PM

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June 04, 2014, 05:19:47 PM Last Edit: June 04, 2014, 05:31:43 PM by Led
Here is how to host a historical mission.

Historical missions are the missions with _h for the era.  The only one that is different than the stock set up is naboo theed.  (The fambaa shield just doesn't work in MP, and the other historical missions use the same units as the regular maps.)

1) use the dedicated server software, as you can't select the historical missions directly with out a mod.
2) copy the information below into a text file called "historical.bat"
3) place this batch file into your dedicated server folder
4) double click on it to start the server  (note that on some OS you have to press an OK button a couple of times, I do not know why)


battlefront.exe /win /norender /noteamdamage /autonet dedicated /resolution 320 240 /nosound /noaim /tps 30 /gamename {PLA}Historical-ClickAnyway! /playerlimit 32 /playercount 1 /bots 10 /difficulty 2 /throttle 3072 /sideselect /spawn 5 nab2c_h 100 100


Note:  In the server selection screen, it will tell players they are missing the map.  However, they will be able to join.  This works because every stock mission.lvl file has the nab2c_h mission lua compiled into it and every player has the sides and map called out in this mission lua.

This gave me my inspiration for the SWBF beta update, where I compiled many new mission luas into a mission.lvl file and distributed it along with the new maps.  I hosted the new missions by batch file, and players were able to join without interfering with any stock mission lua.

Now that we have access to all the SWBF lua, it is possible to make a new era and distribute the mod, but you might still find this fun, since everyone has this map already without needing to download anything.

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This method should work in theory to host any campaign mods in MP server (like DTSAL), since a historical mission is localized in the shell missionlist differently than instant action maps which are stored in a different branch, they aren't supposed to work online by default but you can call on them from the batch as Led explained.

Jet Wars Campaign wasn't tested online yet though it should be noted the 5 weapons mod is used and that would cause instant crash for the host, as would some other mods that don't work in MP. Hosting campaign servers would be more useful if 1.3 was functional since the admin can instantly change map you could basically play through an entire custom campaign online. Galactic Conquest multiplayer is probably still impossible without the swbf1 engine source though.