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Started by AnthonyBF2, September 04, 2013, 06:49:23 PM

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This is a copy of the mission.lvl, all bots and humans will spawn as the hero for that map. If I remember correctly, I made have screwed up Kashyyyk on some modes, don't load Kashyyyk(it's Boba and Chewbacca)


This is a copy of tat2.lvl, it makes the middle CP's in ctf mode capturable, all assault bases captureable and add an extra CP in all modes, yes hunt too. An image file is present to show where the extra cp is located. The extra cp does not have a switch class radius, only capture.


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Hey Anthony and the other swbfgamers stuff,

Due the downfall of swbf2 in the last few years in addition to the separation of the community in 1.1 and 1.0, the 1.1 version already died because only a few are still playing this version. The rest of the community is still playing 1.0.
The 1.1 version has its own working remotemanager allowing players to start and stop server etc. I guess i´m not telling anything new to you. Compared to 1.1 the situation concerning servers is quite worse in 1.0. You can even compare it with swbf1 because you need remote desktop permissions to start and stop a server. As a result of this only a few persons are able to host servers for wars etc and its quite annoying. Swbf2 1.0 has its own remotemanager but this remotemanager is very buggy and it doesnt work properly.

I found a way to fix this situation. Its very simple i just copied the 1.1 servermanager ( swbf2sm.exe version 1.08) in the direction of the 1.0 server and it works. But there is one annoying problem. The server has always bots regardless if i change the value of bots to zero. I changed the values even in the cfgs to zero and the bots are still spawning.

Therefore i´m asking you guys if you could make a server side mod, which forces the amount of bots to zero.
This little effort would help the swbf2 community quite a lot. 

Best regards,

I do not mod for SWBF2, but if it works the same was as SWBF1 then I think all that is needed is to munge a new mission.lvl file that removes AI from the map LUA.  This should be server side moddable.

Any SWBF2 modders up to that (small) task?   :cheers:
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Possibly. I had the trouble scaring of the AI units before, but it only ever happened in space assault for me.

There are a few suggestions, one is to open the player menu and add the commands manually for making the AI limits to 0.

they look like this: (copy - paste)

Con AI>0 AI"/conaiperteam 0"|cmd
Con AI>2 AI"/conaiperteam 2"|cmd
Con AI>5 AI"/conaiperteam 5"|cmd
Con AI>8 AI"/conaiperteam 8"|cmd
Con AI>10 AI"/conaiperteam 10"|cmd
Con AI>12 AI"/conaiperteam 12"|cmd
Con AI>15 AI"/conaiperteam 15"|cmd
Con AI>18 AI"/conaiperteam 18"|cmd
Con AI>20 AI"/conaiperteam 20"|cmd
Con AI>25 AI"/conaiperteam 25"|cmd
Con AI>32 AI"/conaiperteam 32"|cmd

CTF AI>0 AI"/ctfaiperteam 0"|cmd
CTF AI>2 AI"/ctfaiperteam 2"|cmd
CTF AI>5 AI"/ctfaiperteam 5"|cmd
CTF AI>8 AI"/ctfaiperteam 8"|cmd
CTF AI>10 AI"/ctfaiperteam 10"|cmd
CTF AI>12 AI"/ctfaiperteam 12"|cmd
CTF AI>15 AI"/ctfaiperteam 15"|cmd
CTF AI>18 AI"/ctfaiperteam 18"|cmd
CTF AI>20 AI"/ctfaiperteam 20"|cmd
CTF AI>25 AI"/ctfaiperteam 25"|cmd
CTF AI>32 AI"/ctfaiperteam 32"|cmd

rear AI>0 AI"/assaiperteam 0"|cmd
rear AI>2 AI"/assaiperteam 2"|cmd
rear AI>5 AI"/assaiperteam 5"|cmd
rear AI>8 AI"/assaiperteam 8"|cmd
rear AI>10 AI"/assaiperteam 10"|cmd
rear AI>12 AI"/assaiperteam 12"|cmd
rear AI>15 AI"/assaiperteam 15"|cmd
rear AI>18 AI"/assaiperteam 18"|cmd
rear AI>20 AI"/assaiperteam 20"|cmd
rear AI>25 AI"/assaiperteam 25"|cmd
rear AI>32 AI"/assaiperteam 32"|cmd

Once you have this on your player menu (go to players tab and edit player menu with rightclick)

save the document. then you will have the ability to send AI limit console commands into the server, a map changed is needed to make a change go in effect.

also, in swbf2 1.1, a player can log into a server from in-game mode if  he has the admin server password.
1.0 does not support admin commands if I remember trying.

the next thing is go to your server's file directory and go in it's settings folder...
and click on ServerSettings and make sure the ai count is at 0. this helped me rid of bots in space maps.

the next thing is try to use PS2 remote manager. I use the ps2 rm to access my 1.1 PC server frequently without trouble. the ps2 server remote comes in 1.7 and 1.10, find the 1.10. its on several sites.

the last option is having to do with cheat engine, a buddy of mine made a trainer to remove the spawn timer, but also it included a function to remove or add bots in real time (no map change)

as long as you have cheat engine installed, u can use this..

when you click the trainer to launch it, apply it to the running battlefrontII.exe(storm trooper head) not the remote.

the trainer will ask do u want to keep current codes, addresses? yes.
at the time cheat engine will begin to scan your server, at the bottom there is 3 pre-made options,
an AI count(double click the value to change) and also 2  lines for each side's spawn timer. if u want to use the quick spawn timer hack, just freeze (checkmark) those lines when they countdown to 0.

the trainer is here http://www.mediafire.com/download/ydzao7dj7n79tie/spawntimer.rar

It was created by PyroJockey over at swbf2glitch.net (he's a tech guy)

Post edited: uhhh I don't remember adding "rear" to the assault ai commands lol.. it should ay rear for each option.
Post edited again.. I realized the site replaces @$$ with "rear"  >:(
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Post edited again.. I realized the site replaces @$$ with "rear"  >:(

Heh.  We should be able to fix that  ;)
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aaaaand I thought how the problem might be happening after I closed the page >.>

if you are trying to access a server via a remote manager and you cannot remove bots? hehe the server owner made a mistake.

have the person behind the actual server, go to the [users] option tab, rightclick on your account, and have the server owner checkmark the ability for that user to issue console commands. changing ai limit is a console command.
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Thank you for your efforts in advance.

Well your first suggestion wont work, because the amount of ai units is forced to 16 regardless if conaiperteam ,
ctfaiperteam , assaiperteam is set to zero in the ServerSettings cfg. Admin commands are working in 1.0 and it is possible to eliminate the bots by using /admin/bots 0 ingame or by entering the commands in the sm on the player menü. But this isnt really a solution for this, because it should work without it and the advantage given through the swbf2sm version 1.07 or 1.08 is gone despite the fact that it is annoying to always repeat this commands. The main idea behind this was that the few rootserver owners and clanleaders can give their member the possibility of hosting server for wars etc. without giving them remote desktop rights.

To your second suggestion, the bots will also respawn on the ps2 version 1.07 of the sm.
And i guess the majority of root server owners aint willing to run a trainer in the background.

Buckler mentioned that it should be possible to delete the bots by editing the mission.lvl, i guess this should be worth a try.

Best regards,

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I found a tool which was able to modify the mission lvl made by belk from msc back in the days.  :censored: by DP, no insults please I modified the objectivectf and objectiveconquest lua and set the value ScriptCB_SetNumBots to ScriptCB_SetNumBots(0).
Moreover the 1.1 Servermanager as well as the 1.08 Servermanager are working now on 1.0.
Thank you guys for your patience and here is the link for the modified servermanager if you guys are interested.


Best regards,

Excuse me, but if battle belk hadn't done all that he had (or at least most of it.) half of us wouldn't still be playing this game.
Please do not dog down other folks work. Mods didn't kill SWBF.

Quote from: Minutes on September 12, 2013, 06:02:07 PM
I found a tool which was able to modify the mission lvl made by belk from msc back in the days. At least he did something usefull besides modding sbwf1 into its dead ::)
swbf1 isn't dead mods have helped keep it alive and hating on modders isn't going to change that lol and if u think mods killed bf1 then why are u trying to mod bf2?

Quote from: -RepublicCommando- on September 12, 2013, 06:17:55 PM
Excuse me, but if battle belk hadn't done all that he had (or at least most of it.) half of us wouldn't still be playing this game.
Please do not dog down other folks work. Mods didn't kill SWBF.
what he said

bf1 and the modders are good but I choose never to play bf1 bcuz the game is just .... slow.... 10 minutes to travel the hoth tunnel... but if mod the speeds it looks like ice skating :p

bf2 is better and more fun  mod.... mods dont kill games. I too was offended ;)
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Just a heads up almost if not everyone here loves SWBFI. So yea... :D

I love both for different reasons. But SWBFI comes out on top for me. I think it's just personal preference and no amount of facts can prove which is better to any one person. 8)

You may look at it as if it's too slow. But I've used to it, and then going to BFII, it just flies through the level, with no thought to what you just did.
I kind of like it, I honestly think the worlds could be a little (more like alot..) larger, so it would take longer.
It's more realistic (yes, even for starwars.)