Battlefront 2 EA free on Epic

Started by {PLA}gdh92, January 12, 2021, 02:04:23 PM

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For anyone who hasn't got the latest battlefront game it will be free on Epic games store from the 14th for a week. There's no catches with their free games, you just need the launcher installed and you should see battlefront 2. You can download any time after you add it to your account.
I play less now but I'll always be around, lets keep this site and battlefront going. :)

I HIGHLY recommend getting this game. SWBF2 (2017) feels like a true sequel to SWBF. In my opinion SWBF2(2017) is much better than the 2005 game. Let's be real here, the only reason we play SWBF2(2005) is for the nostalgia. In every way SWBF2(2017) is better. I will give SWBF2(2005) credit however for the modding capability. The mods in that game are much better. So please, get this game is your PC can handle it. I've been playing since launch and I can confirm, there is a LOT to do.
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