star war battlefront ps4 Are you still playing?

Started by sutida7saengsri, March 15, 2019, 11:01:47 AM

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I want to play the star war battlefront on the ps4. But I want to know that the game is deserted. People still play a lot. I saw it in the playstation store. I saw it, but multiplayer. Asked before buying.

From what I have heard, the 2nd one is still pretty well populated (PS2 and XBOX consoles moreso than PC).
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The two main modes of the 2015 game were Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron and those are both playable offline if you can't get online. I may have to pop my SWBF2015 disc back in and see if there's any players still on - I'd imagine that there might be because of maps that aren't (yet) in the 2017 title - I have a fondness for both Scarif and the Hoth Walker Assault map.

EDIT: Yep, going to check. RN, I have to reinstall it to my PS4 as I uninstalled it before.

EDIT 2: Yep, there are, surprisingly, still people playing. Just got into a Walker Assault match 12-a-side (never expected the full compliment of 20v20). Apparently at least 3 main modes are usually occupied but the DLC modes aren't.
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