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Started by {AR}MetalKiller, October 08, 2022, 05:23:48 AM

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Hello there,

I want to share with you an idea that I had for a long time now (probably even when I first started modding).

There are quite a few modding tools for non-static data such as a resolution-fix launcher, ingame console launcher, name changers, ... .
Most of these tools probably use the same mechanics, and their creators reinvent the wheel all over again (I am guilty as well).
Not that there is something wrong with that, but we could use our time more effectively and be more productive developing more tools for this great game.
Maybe even lowering the barriers for new modders.

For a couple of months (when I had some time left) I worked on yet another launcher ::) and some tooling around it, that is able to render things on top of battlefront and interact with the game.
I am not going into details since it will take some more time until it is finished.
The working project title is SWBF Tools.
Here is a screenshot (with mocked data).

You cannot view this attachment.

The menus can be enabled/disabled with a key press.
Separate windows (widgets) can be enabled for certain topics.
In the future, I want to make the interface scriptable using SWBF's Lua API.

I imagine that there are quite a few use cases:
  • Editing the username between switching servers
  • Showing the list of players when playing
  • Show some general information
  • Ingame console
  • Private chat between 2 players
  • Trigger script functions
  • (Anti-cheat)
  • ...

What is your take on it?
Do we even need such a thing?
What are some other use cases?

Cheers, see you around.  :wave:

It looks great  :cheers:

The audience is small, though, so make sure it is something *you* want to do.
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Quote from: Led on October 08, 2022, 08:05:08 AMIt looks great  :cheers:

The audience is small, though, so make sure it is something *you* want to do.
Hey MK, I do love what you're doing but as Led says, make sure it is something you wanna do. The community is so small that you have to think about whether it is "useful" or not, or the use it might have.
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